Thursday, November 30, 2017

Week 61

Man I've lost count of weeks! 
Time is just flying by! 

Well to begin Happy Thanksgiving to all! Crazy to believe it was my second Thanksgiving in the mission field. Last Thanksgiving we were fighting to find a meal appointment and then this year we had 2!!! The first one was with a member from the English ward and it was wonderful! Then we went and had dinner with one of the members from our Spanish ward. I really loved going to the English ward members house, but man did I just feel a little uncomfortable.  It was not my element. So thankful they invited us. After we went to the Hispanic family's trailer and man was I much happier and felt more in my element! 

Also I am officially a dad! (Which means I am training a new missionary) He is great and we have had a lot of fun together! This morning though he walked out in a Giants shirt so I had to throw on my Dodgers shirt to let everyone know that even though my trainee steps outside wearing garbage, we at least have some dignity in the family! Elder Tuia's from NorCal.  It is crazy cuz he was in Honduras for 11 months and then went home for 6 months or so and then he came back to this mission. He has a lot of things that he did in Honduras that we don't do here. So it is kind of harder to train him then it would be a newbie cuz I have to break him of all the old things he did and train him again with how we do missionary work here. I  can't mold him right off the bat I have to break the mold then re mold! If that is a thing! 
Funny thing! He snores louder than I do!! Good times!

I got a phone now! Thanks mom and dad! We are an electronic mission now. It's very exciting to be able to have so much LDS content at our finger tips! We can share so many videos and messages right away. Super cool!

Cool thing! One of Maddie's friends is in my district! Sister Calder. So funny! Small world!

We got a referral from the Sisters in our district and so we went by and we talked to the guy. He tells us how he wants a Book of Mormon but he only has 5 minutes to talk. So we do a quick Book of Mormon introduction with him and then after we do that, he goes on to tell us he wants us to send him versus and videos so he can read and watch the videos during the week! His name is Galos! 
Also we got our investigator Carlos on date for baptism for the 30 of Dec! In the middle of the lesson goes I know this church is of God and that the Book of Mormon is of God, so that's why I'm preparing to be baptized on the 30 of Dec. I was like Shoot heck Ya Carlos Lets go! 
So keep Carlos and Galos in your prayers! 
I love you all 
Elder McKeon
This is Elder Tuia and me
When your comp's sunglasses break, you take a goofy pic with them. I look like Napoleon Dynamite! I need a haircut!
Maddie's friend

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Week 60

Hi Everyone! 

Another week here down! 60 weeks, really? You lose track!

 Sadly Elder Smith is being transferred today :( Super sad for him to be leaving. 
I will be Training though. Well half way training. The kid that is my new companion went out on a mission to Honduras and then went home and now he is coming back out to our mission. I will be retraining him cuz he has been home for a little bit. His name is Elder Tuia. 
I am excited for this new opportunity. 

Nothing new has been going on. This week was a struggle. We had so many opportunities to find new investigators but they all just fell through. It was super disappointing. 
We did our last house of mucking this week and other than that we just did a lot of walking around and talking to people. They were all nice. Everyone just was like, "I work at the plant and I work 13 days in a row and have 1 day off and today is that one day and I have all these things to do. I'm sorry I  don't have time." It's super disheartening. It will be better next week. 

Crazy how Thanksgiving is already this week! Everyone have a grateful and wonderful week! 

No pictures this week cuz I don't have my camera. I didn't know I was gonna be staying at the mission office all day!

Love you all!
Elder McKeon

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Week 59

Hey Y'all!!!!! 

Another greet week here in Texas! Time is flying by way to quickly! We're already on the Last week of this transfer! It feels like yesterday I just got to the area! This week was a rough one for us down here. We had a lot of great plans to find new investigators but all our plans fell through... Which was a huge bummer but we have great plans to find this upcoming week!  

Many of you you saw my post on Facebook and know that we are now a Facebook mission. We're also going to be getting smart phones in the next week or so! This is super awesome! So excited for the new things that are coming around in the mission. We do not know much about the rules and stuff yet.  We are having a huge zone conference when we get the phones and we will get all the details. I do know we will be using chat and Facebook video chat. Honestly I can start teaching people back home over video chat but there is a lot to come in the next little bit. 

New place is great, love it!

One of my investigator in Sunny Side has great news! I have been talking to the missionaries there. They're slowing down the teaching process bcuz they are teaching his dad now!  Which is really good and smart to do cuz he is 9 so we want him to know it all. Happy for the family to learn together.

We're still doing a lot of service helping people clean up their homes and their lives.  Also on Friday night we had a ward activity and that was way fun! We played musical chairs with all the little kids. It was super awesome! 
Other than that just a great week in the Field! The church is true! I love the work! 

I love you all!
Elder McKeon 

PS- Way to go Hart on the upset! I rep my Hart gear even here in Texas! 

Our branch president's truck and me haha 
selfie in the 18 wheeler

Monday, November 6, 2017

Week 58

Hi Everyone! 

This has been another crazy week here in Brazoria! 

Tuesday, we had Zone Conference so that was as always super great! We talked about one of my favorite scriptures 3 Nephi 5:13 Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life. 
That was super awesome! I love the Book pf Mormon. Right now I'm doing a study where I highlight every time it mentions the Savior and man is it awesome!

Then, on Wednesday, we got to help one of the Sister's recent converts paint her house. I love service, so that was fun! 

On Friday, we were able to go out and help clean up another house, which we all know how much! I really do love doing that! 

Saturday was a great day! All of Elder Smith and my plans fell through. We were sitting in a gas station parking lot and I had this feeling... let's go to Freeport. We had 2 referrals that lived there and 2 potential investigators. So off we went to Freeport. We try one of the referrals and set up an appointment with them. Then, we had this potential investigator.  We had tried them before, but we never got an answer. I said this is the last time we try their door. So we go up and knock the door and it opens! Before we can get hola out of our mouths, the lady tells us to come in and sit down. We start talking and this women and her husband have been taught by missionaries before. So I ask what do you remember of the message we share and she says, All of it! hahaha! I'm like, shoot okay, and she says, we were reading in the Book of Mormon, the first book is called Nephi right? So Elder Smith and I are super pumped about that! They remember it! Then she tells us how she wants us to come over and teach the whole family, mom, dad and 4 daughters! We are going back this week to have a lesson with the whole family! It is gonna be awesome! Super pumped!!

We also got a surprise text from President Friday morning telling us we were going to be moving on Monday. So we have been running around around trying to get everything done. My new address is 102 Oyster Bend Ln, Lake Jackson Tx 77566. We will be living with an older lady in the back part of her house. It's a really nice place.

It has been a crazy week! I love the work! It is the best! 
Oh also I got to drive in an 18 wheeler and let me tell you, that was awesome! Our branch President drives big rigs. We were at his house and he took us for a rid because he had to move one of the rigs from one place to another on his property. Man that was a cool experience! 

I love you all!
Have a great week!
Elder McKeon 

Video from Zone Conference:

Zone Conference

When you're using deathly chemicals to clean the oven... 
When your moving so you have to eat with those things cuz everything else is packed .
Elder Smith's aunt sent him that magnet. The fridge is a cool place for the name tags too!
Branch President's trucking company 
The road while were on the big rig

Monday, October 30, 2017

Week 57

Hi Everyone!!! 

Happy Halloween eve! Hope you all have a great day tomorrow! I am going to be dressing up as a missionary! Good costume, right?! Probably the best costume you could think of! 

Another good week here in Brazoria! This week we spent a lot of time finding. Some of the days went by really, really fast and then some of them went by super slow! But man do I love being out doing the Lord's work! It is so much fun to just go out and talk to people and just see what they believe. Sometimes the people are really mean and other times they are super nice. We are trying to build the branch so we are just working our butts off! We also are still mucking out houses down in this area. Happy to be able to help these people. We do the muck work about 2 times each week. 

Yesterday was fast and testimony meeting and it was great because there was no silience during that meeting. It was a pretty awesome thing to see. We had less than 20 people in the Brach at church. I was nervous we would just sit there for a long time but man the Spirit was there and not a moment of silence in the room.

Cool experience we had this week was we were walking around in a trailer park and we saw this guy moving cement slabs into his work van, so we ran over and asked him if he needed help. He was first blown away that 2 white kids were speaking to him in Spanish and that we offered to help. So we helped him move the blocks and then started talking with him and shared part of the message of the Restoration with him. We are going back this week to have a lesson with him. It shows how just a simple act of kindness can help in all aspects, not in just missionary work! 

Guys guess what... my investigator from Sunny Side Toni is getting baptized next week most likely so I'll get to go back and see his baptism!!!!!!! Back to Sunny home! I'm so happy!

Another cool thing is President Hall announced that our mission will be getting smart phones!!!! It is gonna be so awesome!!! Our mission is going to be a Facebook mission as well! Lots of crazy changes going on in the Lord's work and I am way excited to be apart of it! 
Pray all is well with everyone! 
Have a great week! 
Love you
Elder McKeon 

We decided to wear matching ties to district council! hahaha
A selfie from english class - the girls are foreign exchange students from Spain so we are helping them with their English. They had a halloween party right before class so that's why they look like that!  

Monday, October 23, 2017

Week 56

Hi Everyone!
Another great week here in Brazoria! Man this area is insane! So big and so different in every town! We have everything in this area from busy areas, to middle of nowhere, to small towns! I really like it! 

We found 2 new investigators this week and we were super excited! We knocked on a door and this kid opened the door. He was like, come back tomorrow and so we did. The kid was waiting for us at the door and opened it before we could knock! It was SO amazing. His name is Rodrigo and we are teaching his little brother Diego AND we have an appointment to see the whole family this week!  We are so excited for them! 

Other than that we did a lot of outside tracting and talking to people. It was so much fun! Elder Smith and I are doing a really good job at learning the area, so it is making it all much easier! 

Also... I was called as the 2nd counselor in the Elders Quorum Presidency. That should be way fun! I play the organ in the branch as well... we have a recorded organ, so I just push some buttons and the music plays. In a small (really small) branch there is a lot to do! 

Go dodgers! I need to whisper that because I am in Houston!!! 
Love you all!
Elder McKeon 

 me in my lava lava cuz I was tired of pants HAHAHA!!
goofy pics of Elder Smith and I
Driving around trying to find the one!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Week 55

My people what is happening!

Crazy changes with my new area. For starters this area is the biggest area in the mission! We cover over 12 towns, ya 12 towns! Our area covers 3 English ward boundaries. It is insane! The best part of it all is Elder Smith has only been here for 4 weeks and those 4 weeks were spent doing service. We both pretty much have the same amount of knowledge of the area. In mission terms were basically white washing (which means 2 new missionaries in an area with no knowledge of it) Elder Smith is awesome. 

 This last week has been hard! We are trying to learn the area as we go teaching people! We are in a branch of about 20 people, ya only 20 people!!! We cover a massive area. So we are gonna be working hard. 

This week was Stake Conference which was really cool! We got a call on Wednesday for us to translate conference and I'm like, holy cow, that is gonna be hard. So we practiced and then we show up and the people go, oh we do not need you to do it. Well okay but we were there if we needed to do it! 

Also everyone in this area compliments me on my Spanish! One of our less actives who is from Puerto Rico was talking with me and she said Are you from Mexico City? I was like no I'm American. Then she goes "oh well you look like you are from Mexico" and then says how my Spanish was so good she thought I was from Mexico. That is a good feeling! 

The hard part about this area is that everyone here works in the massive chemical plants. They all come and work for a little bit and then they leave. Its hard to find people to teach because most of them are not here long enough to be taught so that is a struggle. We're gonna continue working hard though! Excited for this new adventure.
Love you all! 
Elder McKeon 

guacamole elder smith and i made
Hermana Cardosa and I before she left to go back home!  
Me and Elder Smith