Monday, April 16, 2018

Week 81

Man another great week here in Texas! This last week was kind of just a normal week, nothing way to exciting. We had a cool thing happen though! We were knocking doors and this lady came out and was just like hey y'all want some food and I  was like ya of course I do. So we went and had some weird bread and cheese thing and shared the message of the Restoration with her! It was super awesome! 
We have another appointment with her tomorrow so we will see how that goes! Then we had an awesome lesson with Sarah about the Book of Mormon. She told us that everytime she reads it just clicks with her and just makes sense and she loves it ! 
We also had the chance to go to this play that the Stake put on and it was so good! The picture is of me with our Ward Mission Leader! 
We also just got done playing some football for pday and even though I haven't played in forever and the skill hasn't left me ;) hahaha 
As you can tell the mission has made me extremely humble! Nothing has changed hahah 
Have a great week! 
I love you all
Elder McKeon


Monday, April 9, 2018

Week 80

Man another week in the mission! 
Time is flying by way to quickly hahaha! So this last week we got one of our investigators named Sara on date for baptism and she is so awesome! She cries in a lot of our lessons cuz she says the Spirit is so strong! So I'm very excited for her! She's awesome! 
It's really helpful cuz she is the ward mission leaders daughter in law so all of our lessons are in his house so it's so great! I got to meet the Ward finally and they're great! It's weird being in a Ward again cuz there is like more than 100 people at church every week. I'm like overwhelmed by how many people there are but it's a good Ward so I am excited! 
Man time is flying by so fast it is blowing my mind! While we were out tracking I found this group of puppies and it was probably the happiest day of my mission! 

I love y'all! Hope everyone has a great week! 
Elder McKeon 

I'm as cute a puppy! Blonde and blue eyed!

Also this sweet van we found on the street HAHAHA!

Week 79 - Wedding Week

Hey y'all! Wow crazy that it is already pday! I  missed the wedding guys! Sorry! hahah! But from the pictures you sent, it looks like I attended. I wore my matching tie and blue suit! Happy for you Maddog! I'm a brother-in-law!

Not a lot to write about for this week! Still trying my best to get all situated with the new area and new comp but it is going really good! It's weird being back up in the hustle and bustle of Houston but I am really enjoying it . My comp's name is Elder Clark. We are learning together.

Great conference weekend! Crazy to think that it was my last in the mission! Loved hearing from our new Prophet! One thing that I learned from conference this weekend is that the Lord is hastening his work and he is moving quick so we all need to keep up with the pace and not get left behind! And that meek is strong!

Time is just flying by! Other than that we found a new investigator who is our ward mission leaders daughter in law and she is so cool and were way excited to continue teaching her. The lesson we had with her on Sunday was so powerful and the spirit was so strong! Other than that nothing to crazy going on down here in Houston! 

I love you all! Have a great week 
Elder McKeon 

I  look really skinny! and short!

Me with Maddie wedding tie 
Also we made homemade bread this week hahaha

Week 78

Hey Y'all!!
This is going to be a short one! I got transferred and left my little branch in Brazoria. Super sad to be leaving. Really wanted to stay with my little branch. I love the people there and the things I learned. I will be going back up into Houston and serving in the Houston 4th Ward. I'm actually already here! Back in the city! My companion just got out of training so he is super young in the mission. Only has 3 months in the mission actually. So I will be helping him with his Spanish so that should help me with my Spanish. I am excited for the new change. This will probably be my last area in the mission which is wild! Other than that just way excited for the new experience I will get here in H4!
Oh, I was also made a District leader!

Love you all!
Elder McKeon 

Been great Elder Dye!

Week 77

Hey every one! Another week in Texas! 

This time just keeps flying by! Well last pday I  jacked up my ankle pretty good so that sucked big time. This last week I have been walking around with a cane, cuz well crutches suck so Ive been strutting a cane. Which I mean the cane is a great accessory and a pretty fun way to start talking with people!  
Other than that nothing to crazy has been going on! On Sunday though one of our members invited us over for a crawfish boil.  Well man that was insane!!!! He made so much crawfish and for my first time eating them it was quite the fun time. They taught us how to eat them and everything. Lots of work for such a little piece of meat but it tastes really good. Other than that the week was very good! We found 2 new investigators and they are really cool people! Crazy that this is the last week of the transfer. Time has flown by!
Love you all
Elder McKeon 

That bowl was never empty! 

Week 76

Man another week down! 
This week was pretty normal just a lot of walking and talking with people! I    thought I was better, but I was still sick so we didn't get to go out until Wednesday. After we were able to get out, we hit the ground running. We were able to re contact our investigator Andrae and he is doing really good! Still wants to be baptized. So that is awesome! We went out and knocked a lot of doors this last week which was a lot of fun. Always good to get out and do some knocking. Other than that just a pretty normal week! 
We're about to play a huge game of capture the flag!

Love yall!
Elder McKeon

What Elder Dye does as we wait to go into the church!

PS> this is the result of the huge game of Capture the Flag...Urgent care!!!

That's what a sprained ankle looks like! He has to stay off of it  and ice and ibuprofen! We know that drill all too well! Thankfully it wasn't worse!

Week 75

Hi y'all! 
So this will be a short email cuz this week was short ahhaha!
Monday we were up in Houston all day for a Dr appt. for Elder Dye and then Tuesday back in Houston again all day for Zone Conference. It was a great conference. We talked about the Plan of Salvation and man was it good! I love that plan! 
On Wednesday, we had an exchange so I was with a different companion for the day! We went out but it was a slower day and it was hard cuz the new comp I was with was an English Elder. I was teaching everything in the lessons and speaking everything but it was still a good exchange. 
Thursday we had a good day of finally being back in our area and being with my normal companion. We were able to get out and see some people. 
Friday was tough! I got the flu and so we were stuck inside all weekend. only able to go to church for the first hour and then go back home! I  am still a 
It was a very long week! Happy I am feeling better though. The only problem is my companion is now starting to not feel good! 
I love you all 
Elder McKeon 

A toy car we found on the side of the road 

Us goofing off at Wal-Mart
Me, Elder Dye and our land lady Emma Jeanne Tanner