Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Week 89

Man another week down! It's getting pretty weird with how fast time is going by and how fast it is till I come home! Last week of this transfer and then I'm on my last full transfer. I had my last interview with President Hall this week and that was way weird as well. Good but weird that he is going home! This week was a good week! We went bowling last Monday and that was way fun (to be inside in the air conditioning is great) 
And the best news, we found a new investigator this week. His name is Adolfo and he is 10 but he's from a part member family. Going to teach his mom again too. We did a lot of working with members and they're starting to really like us and it's so amazing! Other than that members keep telling Elder Clark and I how we have such little time left and it makes me laugh super hard! Also, congratulations to my home girl Austin Miles! She's returned with honor! Love you Austin!
Love you all!
Elder McKeon
Happy birthday to my mama! I love you!
And Happy Padre's day! 

Here's a Pic of our District bowling 

Week 88

Well another week down! Things have been hard these last weeks. We're putting in a lot of work trying to find people to teach and we're just not successful. We've been knocking doors, talking to everyone out on our bikes, in 105 degrees, but nothing is coming. It's hard to be a missionary sometimes, but I'm not letting it discourage me. Just gotta put my head down and keep working even harder than I have been. It's like when I was a little boy and I needed to lose that .5 ounces to be able to play football. I  went to the street the day of weigh ins and just pushed myself to the brink of breaking and then I pushed it even harder. Here I'm just gonna push my self to the brink of breaking, but now I know the Lord is going to step in and push me past the limit that I think I can go! I know we will be successful. Sorry for such a short email not to much has been happening buy out knocking doors! 
I love you all have a great week! 
But something that did suck about this week is we were out helping a member move (I kid you not) a 400 lb TV and I dropped it on my fingers hahaha... Hurt so bad!  
Elder McKeon

It's getting hot here in Texas 
Some goofy selfies 

My fingers 

Monday, May 28, 2018

Week 87

Hi everyone another great week out here! 
Pretty weird week cuz I have received my departure date. Can't say what it is until it is official! That was a very weird feeling! Everything is moving very very fast. 
This last week was very, very hot and we did a lot of being outside and knocking doors. You all know how much I don't like the heat and the sweating that comes from the heat and the humidity. 
We did find a nice lady this week named Julia! We knocked her door and she was very happy to see us! We gave her a Book of Mormon and she wanted to read it immediately right there. That's a good sign! 
We also had a meal appointment with this family and they have 3 beagles and man it was the best. I got to play with them and they were so cute! 
Also we got to go to the temple this week and man was that a great feeling! It was such a long time since I have been able to go cuz of it being shut down due to the hurricane. Man was it great! 
Other than that, a new week ahead of us!
Love y'all! 
Elder McKeon 
 and than the 

 3 beagles
 Us with our homemade smoothie
The House of the Lord

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Week 86

Well this week was super rough! 
We haven't had very much success and it's been such a bummer. We have had to drop every investigator and so we have been knocking doors all day everyday, but the good news is we are going to the temple tomorrow! Also we had a really cool mothers day activity there was a Mariachi and they were super good but other than that nothing really to exciting going on right now. We did have some really; weird, good given to us this week. In the pictures you'll see one plate which is this nasty Vietnamese food and than one is this soup with pigs foot in it  hahaha!
I love you all 
Elder McKeon 

When bishop wants no one in the other rooms of the church 
Mother's day activity
Pig feet and broth!
Vietnamese food

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Week 85

Man oh man was it a good week! 
So to begin SARA GOT BAPTIZED!!!!! It was awesome! Such an amazing experience for her and her family! Such a great day! She was so happy! 
Also I got to Skype home for the last time on my mission! So that was pretty wild! 
Also had my temple recommend interview as well with the departing group of missionaries! Things are just moving very fast. It's pretty wild! I'm eating up every second of it though! 
For some other highlights of the week, we helped a member uproot some big old tree roots and man was that fun! We were going to stop by and help her plant some things in her garden and than when we started digging we found these tree roots and so we went to work on helping her take those bad boys out and man was that pretty fun. 
Elder Clark and I are working hard out here cuz we both have the same amount of time left so were gonna go out with a bang working hard. 
I love y'all and Happy Mother's Day to all those awesome moms and future mom's out there! 
I love my mom!!! 
Elder McKeon

PS Happy birthday to my little bro Max! 14!
And Happy birthday Maddog on Sunday.

 All the missionaries that had taught Sara in the past 
 The district from last transfer 
Pic 3 just sara elder Clark and I 
me with some of the roots we pulled out of the ground with an axe and a shovel

Week 84

Man another transfer down... holy wow it's going fast! This last week was a good one! Sara passed her baptismal interview on Sunday and is getting baptized on Saturday! So that is awesome! My companion Elder Clark got transferred but my new comp is named Elder Clark too! It's so funny! We also uprooted a tree for a member this week too so that was very weird and super fun! Other than that nothing to crazy this week! You'll be getting some sweet pics of a baptism next week! 
Love y'all!
Elder McKeon 


A little garden snake I found 
And me using an axe hahaha

Monday, April 30, 2018

Week 83

Hey every one another great week here in Texas! 

Nothing really crazy has been going on! This is the last week of the transfer so we will see what happens with changes and everything! 
Sara is doing really really good! Super cool story is that she went up and bore her testimony in church on Sunday! She is so excited to be getting baptized! She keeps telling everyone she meets how she is getting baptized May 12th. She is doing awesome and I am so excited for her! Her enthusiasm is contagious!
Other than that just keeping going strong. Time is slowly flying away. It  feels kind of surreal at this point that the mission is coming to a close and I  am making plans for the fall. Not sure I am ready for that yet. 
 We will be starting service at an animal shelter and I am way looking forward to that! 
I'll let you know what happens on transfers next week! 
Keep reading, keep praying! The church is true!
Love you all!
Elder McKeon

Happy Birthday Gracness!
Hey guys look it's a soda that perfectly describes mom and dad "twisted mango diet coke"
When you think you find 100 dollars but it's just an ad :(  
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One of our members dog had puppies.
Chilling on my bike - cute right? haha