Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Week 93

Man, man, man, it's weird that I'm already back emailing again! So this week was wild! We found a new investigator named Griselda and she is so awesome! She was actually a referral from the México city sisters. She had met with missionaries in the past and so she called them and was like I want missionaries to come and visit me again and so she's super prepared. She's been reading the book of Mormon on her own as well She accepted a baptism date for the 25th of August and were gonna be teaching her son starting this week as well! So we're super excited for her. We had our investigator Sonia come to church as well! We also were able to go out and do some service for some members so that was way fun. We  had interviews with our mission president, President Guthrie. That was very fun getting to know him better! He's way awesome! He and I are very similar haha He said that like 6 times in our interview. Plus, he knows Bryce Harper! For those of you that don't know he's my all time favorite sports player. We talked a little about him and just the mission in general so that was a good time. His main focus for me was the same as President Hall, which was sprint and keep sprinting. So I'm gonna continue to sprint and keep sprinting! 
Love y'all 
Have a great week
Elder McKeon 

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Week 92

Hey y'all! Another great week here! This week was an interesting one too. We'll to begin we said our goodbyes to President and Sister Hall. That was such a bummer. He has been a wonderful example to me. I will miss him and his leadership and guidance. We meet Pres Guthrie this Thursday.
Our car wasn't working so we had to bike all week. That meant one day we did 25 miles haha. I also went on exchanges with some other elders and man that was so weird. I was asked by a 50 yr old woman to be her boyfriend and then to marry her daughter. Hahaha That was pretty wild. My district is so big I have to go on exchanges every week of this transfer so that should be way exciting! I love the work! I love being back in Sunny Side!
I love you all 
Have a great week!
Happy 4th!
Elder McKeon

Pres and Sister Hall and me
Elder Clements and me at Mission Conference  
Cool car 

Week 91

Hey everyone!! 
Man another great week! So today we ran a 5k as a good bye celebration, ya a 5k as a goodbye celebration, hahaha. Going to miss Pres Hall. 
My first week back in Sunny Side and man was it  the best! It was so awesome to be back and see all the people.  A sister that helped me in the hurricane get my meds was so excited I was back. Her non-member husband called us and asked us when we were coming over. We went out and tried to see a lot of people this last week and was able to set a lot of appointments. It was so crazy to be back and I had so many flashbacks of my last time here. Man it  was so amazing. My new comp is amazing his name is Elder Christopherson. He's from Fresno and we get along so well. It's amazing! We have so much fun! Lots of work to do here! 
Love you all!
Elder McKeon

The district 
President Hall and I 
My comp and I  - love this guy!! We get along so great!!!
Me with a giant aloe vera drink that I got for a dollar haha 

Week 90

Hey everyone! 
Well crazy story, but I'm back in Sunny Side! Yup I'm back baby hahaha!!! So H4 (the ward I    was in in Houston) got shut down and President sent me back to Sunny Side. YEAH baby!!!! Nobody has an idea of how happy I am! The last week in H4 we played baseball on Saturday for Father's day and man, let me tell you, that was so much fun! 
Other than that nothing to crazy! Just a lot of finding! A lot of looking actually!
Time is flying by... I've got 9 weeks left so I've got to make the most of it here in Sunny Side!!!!
Love you all! 
Have a great week 

Pics of baseball I'm the one in the red shirt
My H4 district

Our last smoothie party 
Our barren apartment 
My old shoes haha
The family portillo

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Week 89

Man another week down! It's getting pretty weird with how fast time is going by and how fast it is till I come home! Last week of this transfer and then I'm on my last full transfer. I had my last interview with President Hall this week and that was way weird as well. Good but weird that he is going home! This week was a good week! We went bowling last Monday and that was way fun (to be inside in the air conditioning is great) 
And the best news, we found a new investigator this week. His name is Adolfo and he is 10 but he's from a part member family. Going to teach his mom again too. We did a lot of working with members and they're starting to really like us and it's so amazing! Other than that members keep telling Elder Clark and I how we have such little time left and it makes me laugh super hard! Also, congratulations to my home girl Austin Miles! She's returned with honor! Love you Austin!
Love you all!
Elder McKeon
Happy birthday to my mama! I love you!
And Happy Padre's day! 

Here's a Pic of our District bowling 

Week 88

Well another week down! Things have been hard these last weeks. We're putting in a lot of work trying to find people to teach and we're just not successful. We've been knocking doors, talking to everyone out on our bikes, in 105 degrees, but nothing is coming. It's hard to be a missionary sometimes, but I'm not letting it discourage me. Just gotta put my head down and keep working even harder than I have been. It's like when I was a little boy and I needed to lose that .5 ounces to be able to play football. I  went to the street the day of weigh ins and just pushed myself to the brink of breaking and then I pushed it even harder. Here I'm just gonna push my self to the brink of breaking, but now I know the Lord is going to step in and push me past the limit that I think I can go! I know we will be successful. Sorry for such a short email not to much has been happening buy out knocking doors! 
I love you all have a great week! 
But something that did suck about this week is we were out helping a member move (I kid you not) a 400 lb TV and I dropped it on my fingers hahaha... Hurt so bad!  
Elder McKeon

It's getting hot here in Texas 
Some goofy selfies 

My fingers 

Monday, May 28, 2018

Week 87

Hi everyone another great week out here! 
Pretty weird week cuz I have received my departure date. Can't say what it is until it is official! That was a very weird feeling! Everything is moving very very fast. 
This last week was very, very hot and we did a lot of being outside and knocking doors. You all know how much I don't like the heat and the sweating that comes from the heat and the humidity. 
We did find a nice lady this week named Julia! We knocked her door and she was very happy to see us! We gave her a Book of Mormon and she wanted to read it immediately right there. That's a good sign! 
We also had a meal appointment with this family and they have 3 beagles and man it was the best. I got to play with them and they were so cute! 
Also we got to go to the temple this week and man was that a great feeling! It was such a long time since I have been able to go cuz of it being shut down due to the hurricane. Man was it great! 
Other than that, a new week ahead of us!
Love y'all! 
Elder McKeon 
 and than the 

 3 beagles
 Us with our homemade smoothie
The House of the Lord