Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Week 74

Hey Everyone! 
This week has been crazy! very long but good week! 
So crazy awesome story to begin our investigator Andre is doing awesome! We taught him about the Book of Mormon this last week and the day after he sends us video clips of him reading his favorite parts and telling us why he likes that section! It was the best thing ever! Other than that we did a lot of finding and a lot of bike riding! The worst ever though is while riding my bike I ran over a red ant hill with out seeing it and so the ants got stuck to my bike and started climbing up my leg and started biting me so I had to pull over on my bike and clean off my legs from ants hahah! We also had branch conference this weekend and so that was very good. I am now officially the 1st counselor in the Elders quorum. So that was way cool! Other than that just a great week in the mission!
Love you all! 
Elder McKeon 

Didn't take a lot of pictures this week here's one of me and my comp on the way to Houston 

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Week 73

Hi Everyone!! 
Another week down! They just keep flying by it is insane!
Happy Valentine's Day!
This Week was an awesome week! We found 5 new investigators and they are all super cool!! 2 of them were formers that I had taught when I first got to the area. In our lesson with them, they explained to us how they both felt a difference in their home when we weren't coming anymore so they were happy to have us back and teaching them! 
The other 2 are brothers.  One is named Andre. He is 17 years old. It was so crazy cuz we went to the home to meet with his older brother. We were sitting talking with him and then Andrae came down the stairs and just randomly sat down and started talking with us. So we teach and it was a good lesson but Andre walks us out after we teach. He says "Man it was really weird, I was asleep and then something woke me up and tells me I need to go downstairs and so I did and there you all were and I am so happy I woke up from my nap" Super cool kid! We then went back and taught him again and he accepted to work towards a date of 7 of april to be baptized. That is way cool! 
The other lady was a referral and she is cool to. She wanted a copy of the Book of Mormon cuz she had met with missionaries before and she wants to be taught again. 
So this last week has been way awesome! My new comp and I  get along really well and we work really hard so it makes it all so much better! 
Love you all!
Elder McKeon

Sorry - No pictures this week! Forgot the camera!

Week 72

Hey everyone! 
Another great week here in the mission. Yes, I turned 20 this week! Holy cow! I'm so old! No more teens! My birthday was great. I actually gave a talk in church so it was cool. Sadly Elder Tuia has been transferred and so I have a new companion. His name is Elder Dye. We have served around each other our entire mission so were excited to be together. Other than that the mission is amazing! Crazy thing, I now I have been in Texas for too long cuz I am saying 2.59 is to much for gas!!  hahaha!  it's crazy! We taught Karla about temples this week and she is so excited to go to the temple. She us planning to go in May when it opens back up! Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes!
I love you 
Elder McKeon 

Us on our bikes
birthday lunch Texas style
Birthday celebration 
The members made me a cake.
Birthday socks, Thanks Mom
My new Scriptures 
I was trying to write my talk and Elder Tuia would not shut up...Ear plugs and ear muffs!
Mission life! 

Week 71

hey everyone another great week here in Texas! 

Crazy that it is already Pday again! time is moving way to quickly!!! 

So this week was a great week! Elder Tuia and I found 5 new investigators this week to be teaching. We're super excited about that! One of the new investigators is one of our members nephew and he is super awesome. He is 14 and really wants to get baptized! He has already come to church 2 times before we taught him. He accepted date for the 24 of march so were excited for him! This week is the last week of the transfer and we both have a feeling that I will be leaving the area which I am praying that doesn't happen. Man I love it here! We're keeping the pedal to the metal in this area and I don't want to leave and start that over again in another area! 
Another 2 of our investigators we met this week were a really cool story. 
Elder Tuia and I were late to an appointment and we were driving through a trailer park and Elder Tuia just pulled over and said we need to go talk to those people outside and I  was like, okay I'm not getting in the way of the Spirit. So we walk up to these people and start talking with them and turns out missionaries had taught them before and so we are going back to teach them and the rest of their family this week
Man I love this work! I know there is nothing more important than being out and sharing the gospel! 
I love you all!
Elder McKeon


 a member thought I couldn't squat him so I did
how we share the gospel with smart phones 

Week 70

what is up my people! 
Man this week was amazing!!! Anthony and Daniel got baptized!!!!! We spent a lot of the week getting them all ready for the baptism! They were so happy after they were baptized! I was able to baptize Anthony. It put the cherry on top to my testimony of how the gospel brings happiness to our lives! After he came out of the water he had a big old smile on his face! We also met this amazing guy named Felipe! He is super awesome! He started crying during the first vision and the Spirit was so strong. He accepted baptism for the 3 of march so were pretty excited for him. Other than that we just worked hard. We met a super cool less active this week and now we are starting to teach her boyfriend and he has great questions about the gospel. It makes teaching him so much fun! Yesterday was my sweet 16 crazy to think I've been out for so long! It still feels like yesterday I was getting dropped off at the curb. 
I love this work and love this gospel! 
Elder McKeon 

Anthony and Daniel 
I promise the boys were happy to be baptized they just never smile hahaha 

Also mom you'd be so proud of me I made that chicken and rice all by myself!!

Week 69

Hi everyone! 
Man has this been a weird week in the mission. So Tuesday we were stuck in doors all day because Hell was frozen over, wait sorry, Texas was frozen over. Yes, literally we were stuck in doors because it was too cold and to dangerous to be outside. Never thought I would have that happen while here in Texas but I also never thought I'd be a hurricane survivor, but here I am! hahah 
Then on Friday, we had a Zone Conference and so we were up in Sugar Land all day. I love Zone Conference, but man, it is a whole day thing. Because we are so far away from everyone we do all of the Zone Conference and interviews in one day. So that means we're busy all day out of our area. It's a bummer but it nice to just lose one day instead losing 3 half days. The zone conference was on Faith and man was it a good one. In my interviews with President we made up instead a saying, Fake it til you make, it's now, Faith it til you make it! I can be clever sometimes! Ya it was a weird week. It feels like we got nothing done but we did get a lot done. hahah
Great week 
Love you all! 
Elder McKeon 

It was one of the girls b-days in our branch so the family invited us over. We look like the adopted kids in the family I love it!!! Haha #glasses
goofy selfies

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Week 68

Hey peeps!

Another wonderful week here in Texas! This week we had a whole bunch of miracles! My favorite one though was when Elder Tuia and I were doing some practice door approaches on one another. Elder Tuia goes, Man, I just want one person to open the door and let us in right then and there so we can share the message. So we went out with a mighty prayer and headed off to a trailer park. Well, the first door we knock on the guy tells us to come in and share our message with him. So BOOM that was sweet! Then right as were leaving we see a guy and start talking with him and BOOM same thing, he invites us in and wants us to share our message with him. At the end of the lesson he looks at us and says, Ya, I know this is true but I'm going to pray about it to confirm my thoughts! Pretty Sweet! 

We're also making a huge amount of progress with Anthony and Daniel. Anthony now comes to church and is smiling and happy to be there. He is participating and you can just see him being happy! He is a testimony to me that this gospel will bring you true happiness. From when we first met him, this sad kid who never spoke, to now smiling and laughing and talking with people because the gospel has come into his life is the reason why I go out everyday whether it be hot, cold or raining and knock doors and talk to people. It is because I know that this gospel will bring the true happiness every one needs in their lives. 
I love you all and invite everyone to not be afraid to open their mouths and invite someone to learn about the gospel of Jesus Christ because every one needs that true happiness in their lives! 
Have a great week!
Love you all!
Elder McKeon

Oh also forgot to mention thay I had cow intestines this week and man was that gnarly. And our branch President told me that I was looking like a young Elvis Presley - best compliment ever!!! 
It has been cold here in Houston so I had to go out and buy some sweaters! 
Matching ties! Thanks mama!