Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Week 1 MTC

Hey y'all week one in the mtc is done! This has been a crazy week but an amazing one! MY companion is named elder Ludwig, and he is a great guy he knows the scriptures like the back of his hand. My district is amazing! The guys in my district are Elder Hickman, McDonald, Gress, and Hall. We all have the same sense of humor and we all just make each other bust out laughing. They are all athletes and played either football or wrestling in high school so we all just clicked and became friends like we have known eachother our entire lives! The Hermana's keep us all in check though. I have already taught 3 lessons in spanish which were hard but extremely spiritual! My spanish is coming along okay. I understand more when people talk to me and i can speak but not as well as i can understand it. The food here is okay nothing compared to sharkys or my mom's sunday dinners but its okay. We had a small miracle in my district, On Monday we had a district fast and so we were all starving and when we showed up for dinner we had chick fila catered to the mtc small miracles hahaha, I pray and read my scriptures in spanish which is really fun. I love and miss you all! Love Elder McKeon 

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