Monday, January 30, 2017

Week 19

Hey all
This week has been a good week! A lot of ups and downs.
 We had a lot of really cool potential investigators just call us right before our lessons and cancel on us. Which was a bummer! So we spent a lot of this week finding! We have a lot of cool people we will be teaching this week. So I will let you know how all of those go next week! Praying they all go well!!

So my second transfer in the mission is done. I am out of training!! And I am staying in the Houston 2nd ward with Elder Thompson. Elder Kennedy got transferred, so I am no longer in a tri-panionship. I get to rock it in a bike area for another 6 weeks though so I am super pumped about that! Bike areas are the best! We won't be moving apartments until the end of March which is less stress on us too!
All the new changes in the mission schedule are the ones we have been doing. President has us doing it for over a month now. Its all very cool!

We had to move our baptism to this Saturday at 5. That bummed us out but now the day is firm and Yolanda is getting baptized. 

Also this Sunday was sweet! The missionaries all spoke in Sacrament meeting so that was crazy good!! Elder Thompson and I spoke on The Plan of Salvation and than during third hour we taught the whole ward how to introduce the Book of Mormon using the front cover pictures. The Lord really blessed me with some solid Spanish during those 2 segments of church. Spanish was flowing out of me and I didn't even know what words I was saying! It was so great.
Oh, speaking of the scriptures I finsihed the Book of Mormon cover to cover on Wednesday! Love that book! 

P days are the most stressful day of the week! We don't have time to play. Our zone gets together every p day to play basketball. We just never have time cuz we don't have a car. Everyone else in our zone has a car, so we have to figure out rides to do everything we need to do. P days are very stressful but it should be easier now with just the 2 of us.

The Ukulele is good. It is fun to mess around on. I'm still learning! It's just like missionary work, still learning! haha

Have a great week!

I love you all 
Elder McKeon

My old planner pictures from last transfer.

My new planner pictures for this transfer. Repping Hart even out here in Texas!

A less active member in our ward trying to kill us. So much cheese and crema. There are taquitos under there somewhere. I promise!
There is this sweet palm tree in one of the complexs we work and the tree grows sideways
so I took a picture on it
 I became a real Texan this week. Tried WHATABURGER not that impressed haha
In n Out is way better!
my little lizard buddy that some little kid gave to me out on the streets

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Week 18

So hey everybody! 

Last week of my second transfer coming up! Been here for almost 13 weeks! 
Transfers are every 6 weeks. This transfer was 7 though because of scheduling. You are usually in an area for 2-4 transfers, so I could possibly be leaving this area at the end of this week. I will know this Saturday. Time is flying by. I am almost out of training, yeah!! That is so fun! This week has been a crazy week! Pday was good, just went out and talked with a bunch of people after our chores, shopping, laundry etc. Best part go the Pday is the emailing part of the day! 

Tuesday we had interviews with President Hall at the mission home in Sugar Land. No car accidents this time! :) President gives us topics that he is going to talk about before every interview. Our last one was about Preach my Gospel and our studies. President Hall reminds me of Elder Bednar. He is very loving and very strong. He helps you because he loves you.  He can have fun when he needs to but is also firm and strong when he needs to be! That is great!

 We had a lesson with Yolanda. (She is getting baptized this Saturday at 5:00 - keep her in your prayers). We had the lesson with La Familia Suarez. And man, oh man, was that lesson crazy good!!! Yolanda pretty much released every question she has ever had and the Hno (Brother) and Hna (Sister) Suarez answered them better and made it more clear then we could have. It was amazing. Member missionary work is awesome!! 

Then Wednesday we had a kitchen explosion. We were doing dishes and the hot water knob blew up off the sink... it was nuts! So we had boiling hot water just shooting out like a geyser. We threw a pan over the top and tried to find out how to turn off the hot water. We could not find out how to turn it off. We ran to the apartment office and so it turns out that our hot water is connected to the laundry room right next to our apartment. So that is why the water is so boiling hot! We got it all fixed and got a new sink. crazy!

After that adventure, we went to the temple and had a great day with my zone! We get to go to the temple, hopefully every quarter. I love it there! 

This week has been way too much fun! I love it here! 

The rains have been crazy! Friday, the day the rain was the worst, my bike tire popped so we had to walk in the rain all the way back to the apartment!  So crazy! ahhahaa 
But this week has been amazing and I am so excited for another opportunity for a baptism coming my way! The Lord prepares his children, We (you and me) just have to not be afraid to open our mouths and share it! 
I love you all!
Elder McKeon

Look at my good cooking skills! 

Bomb lunch! The biggest meal of the day! Don't usually have dinner appointments.
I asked my comp Elder Thompson to draw me a bear and this is what I got! Impressive!
The tripanionship at the Houston temple!
When your bikes brakes again! - you all gotta sit down and take the time to fix it.
Here's a better picture of me and my stupid bike tire!
A picture of my newest investigator- his name is Coco and he has a baptismal date for February 11th.
He has a problem with the Word of Wisdom, but we will be able to work through it. I know we can!

Monday, January 16, 2017

Week 17

So this week has been crazy awesome! We have another baptism lined up for the 28th of January and it is looking really good!!!! She hasn't missed church since I have been on the mission! Her name is Yolanda and she is awesome.

Also I received a bunch of compliments on my Spanish this week which has been crazy! Like just people in lessons saying how good it is for how short of a period of time I have been speaking it. So that makes me feel really good. Still have a bunch to learn but it will come! 

But nothing really new just a lot of teaching! It is way too much fun teaching. Time is flying by!!! It is crazy! When everyone told me that the weeks just go by crazy fast, I did not believe them, but now, I can testify that it is true! 

This upcoming week though is going to be crazy. Tomorrow we have interviews with President at the mission home and then Wednesday we are going to the temple as a Zone. That is gonna be so sweet! Then Friday we are going to the temple again for recent convert night at the temple. We are going with our recent convert Saul. Excited about that for him too!
So this week we have been doing family history with him and man has that been fun! Do family history everybody. It may seem boring but it is a blast! 

Oh also Future missionaries -- learn to cook more than just mac and cheese!! It will help you in the long run. I promise! I am not saying I only eat mac and cheese and ramen noodles. I eat other things too, but cooking skills will help! Right now I have some chicken marinating in a mango peach salsa. So i am just saying ;) I have lost almost 15 lbs and well, my pants fit me way differently: the waist is big and the thighs are way tight hahaha Stupid bike making my legs so big! Haha

 I hope everyone continues to have good weeks! Member missionary work is the best work. Everybody be looking for opportunities to share the gospel! 

I love you all!
Elder McKeon 

Monday, January 9, 2017

Week 15

So this week has been crazy cold!! Like 30 degrees, but feels way colder bcuz of the humidity. And being on a bike! A frustrating, sucky bike! Man is that rough! 
This week has been a great teaching week! We have 2 investigators on date for baptism. One for the 28th of Jan and another for the 11th of Feb! (good thing for my birthday) We're teaching a lot! 

Spanish is really coming along! I had a funny moment this week. We were teaching one our investigators named Yolanda and I got super spiritual talking in Spanish. It was all just flowing. After I finish our member, who is with us leans over and goes "bien hecho chico". And I was like Hermana, Come on!!! It was so funny. I was on a roll!  But Yolanda accepted a date right after that, so I was super pumped! Also we had Stake Conference this week! Man was it awesome! My fav quote from it was from Elder Dykes, a member of the Seventy, and he said "Does Heavenly Father recognize your voice?" Which means do not forget to pray to the point where Heavenly Father doesn't recognize your voice. Pray ALWAYS!! For the big things, little things, for anything! Always remember that Heavenly Father wants to hear from you!
So fun to see familiar faces in Tia and Adam Rich at Stake Conference. We are in same Stake, different wards. They were so nice! 

Here are some pictures! 

Sweater weather here in Houston
my comp was in the middle of singing during this pic hahaha
He plays the Ukulele - he's teaching me! 
 more goofy random selfies with Elder Thompson
Then the last pic is my favorite for the mission. This little girl came up to me during Stake Conference and hands me this picture and goes "this is for you" and taps on my name tag. It was the cutest thing ever! 
I love and miss you all 
Elder McKeon

Week 14

Happy New Year!
So this week has been way cool! We have been doing a lot of finding and we have found bunch of people! We have found three new investigators this week who all show a lot of really good potential. 2 of them are from Honduras and the other is from El Salvador. The one from El Salvador is a security guard at one of the complex's that we find in. He waved us down and talked to us about learning more. He is so sweet. We are trying to find a way to teach his whole family. For the last 2 lessons we have taught him at the complex he works at cuz he is there all the time. We plan on setting up a lesson with him on Thursday, his day off so we can teach his wife and 2 daughters. Our other 2 investigators are these 2 ladies we talked to in the complex and they are super cool. They have a big family so we are hoping to teach the whole family instead of just the 2 of them. 

New Years was way good! Stayed up till 10 and celebrated New York time and then went to bed. I felt like an old man going to bed at 10, but man did I need it. The streets were poppin  on New Years! Fireworks, parties and lot of drunks - My favorite combo haha.

The ukulele is way fun! I love it so much! haha I am learning how to play and it is way fun. it isn't to hard. It is pretty nice actually. Please send me some hymns and I'll print them off. 

No pictures this week. Camera died and I didn't have any batteries. sorry!  After this we are gonna play basketball and than we have 3 lessons tonight all with great potential new investigators. We have 2 members coming with us for those so that should be great. Spanish is coming along really well. I am really focusing hard on it! And really putting my head down. My comprehension skills are a lot better than my speaking, but I am working on it.  We are really making sure we have enough time for language study every day.
This week has been a good week in the field. I love the mission, would not want to be anywhere else.
Thanks for all of the Christmas wishes!
I love you all
Elder McKeon