Monday, January 9, 2017

Week 15

So this week has been crazy cold!! Like 30 degrees, but feels way colder bcuz of the humidity. And being on a bike! A frustrating, sucky bike! Man is that rough! 
This week has been a great teaching week! We have 2 investigators on date for baptism. One for the 28th of Jan and another for the 11th of Feb! (good thing for my birthday) We're teaching a lot! 

Spanish is really coming along! I had a funny moment this week. We were teaching one our investigators named Yolanda and I got super spiritual talking in Spanish. It was all just flowing. After I finish our member, who is with us leans over and goes "bien hecho chico". And I was like Hermana, Come on!!! It was so funny. I was on a roll!  But Yolanda accepted a date right after that, so I was super pumped! Also we had Stake Conference this week! Man was it awesome! My fav quote from it was from Elder Dykes, a member of the Seventy, and he said "Does Heavenly Father recognize your voice?" Which means do not forget to pray to the point where Heavenly Father doesn't recognize your voice. Pray ALWAYS!! For the big things, little things, for anything! Always remember that Heavenly Father wants to hear from you!
So fun to see familiar faces in Tia and Adam Rich at Stake Conference. We are in same Stake, different wards. They were so nice! 

Here are some pictures! 

Sweater weather here in Houston
my comp was in the middle of singing during this pic hahaha
He plays the Ukulele - he's teaching me! 
 more goofy random selfies with Elder Thompson
Then the last pic is my favorite for the mission. This little girl came up to me during Stake Conference and hands me this picture and goes "this is for you" and taps on my name tag. It was the cutest thing ever! 
I love and miss you all 
Elder McKeon

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