Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Week 41

Hey Everyone! 
Another week in the mission and a whole lot of nothing going on. We had some annoying car troubles and spent a lot of time at Firestone getting our car fixed. The tires were all screwed up. Waste of time! Other than that we just went out finding ALL day. We found 2 new  investigators this week named Mario and Ilda. We have been trying to teach them since I got in the area and we finally had a lesson with them. They are excited to learn. Arturo is doing really good. He is reading the Book of Mormon and enjoying the time when we come over. He has a great support group so he is doing good. 

It is crazy how fast time is flying. This is the last week of this transfer. I don't know what is going to happen in the mission soon. We have like 71 missionaries going home in the next 2 transfers. That makes the mission a whole lot different in the next coming month. 

The computer for some reason won't let me upload any pictures, but next week I should have a lot of good ones coming your way! 
Sorry for the short email. The 4th of July though in Sunny side, Texas... The biggest disappointment I have ever been apart of. SAD!! In my area at least. No parades! No fireworks! No nothing!! You would think that in Texas, the 4th of July would be awesome. NOPE!!! 

Well I hope everyone else's 4th was amazing! Literally my favorite holiday still! 
I love you all! 
Elder McKeon 

Monday, July 3, 2017

Week 40

What is up everybody! Another great week out here in the Hood! 

This week we found a new investigator named Arturo. His wife is a member and her family are members. They are a powerhouse family in the ward. It is awesome. He has real desires to learn and he told us "I am planning on being baptized. I am gonna ask my father in law to do it". So it is a pretty perfect set up! 

Also, this week we had this thing called a Mini Mission. What our Stake does is have kids from the Stake go out and be with the missionaries for 3 days. They are pretty much missionaries. They plan with us, study with us, eat with us and everything. They even get set apart as missionaries. It is honestly such a cool program! We had a kid named Adan Soto with us for 3 days! He was so much fun to have and a great kid. Super fun and cool thing. 
Also, I went on exchanges this week with our district leader down in Alvin, Texas.  Man, did we get ruined by a huge rain storm!!! It was insane! The wind was so fast it was blowing the rain horizontal. Way to much fun! haha 

My goals this week are to work hard and be happy! They are the best goals! If you work hard, you don't think about anything else and if you make the choice to be happy, you search for the blessings! 

 Have a great week!
I love you all
Elder McKeon

Deal of the Week! Best purchase ever! I got 14 bars of dove men + care soap for $10  -Freaking steal!  Got to find the tender mercies! 
Elder Soto and I
Elder Ibarra and I
My bike - resting!
An average day here in Sunny side
"Army of brothaz and sistahz"
Not a parade! Just cruising down the street

Monday, June 26, 2017

Week 39

Hey Everybody! It's ya boy Elder McKeon here!

 Another crazy week in Sunny Side! This last week was extremely busy but not busy with things progressing the work. 

Tuesday, I had a doctors appointment down in Sugar Land and that took all afternoon and then we had to go straight to the church and do our English class. My health is good! Thankful that I feel good! 

On Wednesday, we had Zone conference and that was amazing. President is the man! We discussed The Book of Mormon and repentance. It was very inspiring! I need it right now! The area is really rough. The other companionships have a lot more Spanish people in their area. We have to find and hunt and go insane trying to find people. It's hard to find cuz every persdon has gates with bolt locks on it so you can't just walk up and knock the doors. President gave us permission to teach English speakers and so we can speak to and teach everyone we find! That was a bright spot for me! I'll talk to everybody! My companion doesn't feel the same as me, so we are having a moment, but we'll work it out with the help of our Heavenly Father! 
The only bad part of that day was that it took us 2 hours to get home from conference due to construction so we again had to go straight to our English class and get that ready. So there goes our day - straight to Heaven, right!

Then on Thursday we had a bike emergency!!! Elder Simpson forgot to secure his bike on the bike rack Thursday morning!! Getting off the freeway, going 65 mph, I look in the rear view mirror and just see his bike go flying off the bike rack and bouncing every where. It just gets shot into the field next to the freeway. Maybe one of the funniest things I have ever seen!!!! hahahaha! We were at the bike shop forever. 

So that was our week just a bunch of craziness. The highlight of the week was we were at a members house for dinner (yes, dinner!!!! They are feeding us sometimes) and while I was praying her little girl (who is the cutest little girl ever) goes "Guys wake up! It's time to eat!" It was the best thing! Love little kids!! 

The church is true!!

I love you all!
Have a great week!
Elder McKeon
My Zone singing!

Zone Conference- I'm on the right 2nd one in on the top! 

Some cool pictures of the Texas sky! Love clouds hahaha!
I went all Iron Chef America for lunch one day haha! Chili bowl!

goofy pics from Zone conference -Elder Lozano
-Elder Brumm

Elder Simpson's tire
I got these sweet transformer stickers so it's on the back of my name tag! Optimus Prime! 

Week 38

Hey Everybody!

Another week here in the Sunny Side! Man is this place interesting! All the time we just randomly see these people on horses. They are just going down the main street and flowing with traffic. It's pretty awesome. 
This week we found 2 new investigators named Jorge and Blanca and they are friends of one of our members. They are super awesome! It is very tough her to fins Spanish families. The city os only 2% Spanish. 
We had a very fun Ward activity for Father's day. So that was very good to go and meet the new ward members. There is only one Spanish Ward for the entire Stake. Our ward boundaries are the entire Stake, like at home.  So all the members are spread out very far but they are strong members. Oh, we also teach English classes to people that want to learn. Last week we taught about getting a haircut. That's what the lesson was on. Crazy right! We all had to bring in a picture of us with our different hair. When I showed my hair before the mission all the students were like that's not you. It was super funny! They loved the beard! 
I talked about my future a little bit with my mission president. I talked about my Patriarchal blessing cuz there were words I didn't understand and he helped me study it.  I did an entire week of Personal study on blessings. I have been praying and am so thankful that the Lord hears our prayers. We need to give the effort and he will always help us! 
Have a good week!
I love you all
Elder McKeon

First day of church in the Manvel ward because we had Stake Conference last week
When you run out of clean knives, you use a large knife to spread butter!

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Week 37

What up what up Party people!

Well first week in the Sunny side and let me tell you I love it! It is super super barrio but so great! 

The area is very hard because there are not many Hispanics that live in the area. So at times it is hard to find people to teach but we have a lot of cool people set up to teach this week. The members are super strong, so we see a lot of members. The Bishop of the ward is awesome! Super funny guy! I am excited to here! 

We live outside of our Zone. We have to drive our car to the bus station and then take the bus to our area. Then we ride our bikes! They don't really have apartments in our area for us to live in. 

We live 40 miles round trip away from the Stake Center also. That's where our zone does P-day activities so it is rare if we get out there. We are playing clue the board game this afternoon.  The Sisters live right across the hall and then Elder Thompson and his companion live right down the hall. Yes, THE Elder Thompson, my trainer.

Riding my bike through the streets of Sunny Side is great cuz everyone just looks at us like why are these 2 kids here. I played street ball with a bunch of little kids so that was super fun. It's going to be a challenge to work this area. I'm up for it!! 

Nothing else new to update you all this week. So sorry it is another short email. I will have more next week to share with you all! 

I love you all!!!
Elder McKeon

super awesome having sister missionaries live across the hall from you!

a little fathers day shout out 

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Week 36

What is up everyone!!! 

Well after a short 7 months in the same area I am being transferred. Ya me voy! I never thought this day would come but it has. I am going to an area called Sunny side and I am super excited for this new experience! My new companion's name is Elder Simpson. I don't know much about him, just that he goes home very soon. Sad to be leaving this area, but ready to start the next adventure of the mission. Leidy Splenda (my soccer mom van) does not come with me. I will say my parting words to her today, but I am going to a car area that bikes a lot. I like the bike, makes talking to people so much easier. Super pumped for a new area and we get a super nice apartment too. I guess the area is pretty ghetto, so lots of humble people to share the glad message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with. 

This last week was good and bad. 
Tuesday we got a call from our zone leaders asking if we could go help a lady move some things around and we said, of course. Well, we get there and we weren't just moving things around, we were moving her out of her apartment and she was not packed at all! So that was an interesting afternoon. We were there from 3 to 9:30pm and than back again on Wednesday from 7 to 10 in the morning. It was super annoying because we had to cancel all of our appointments for the afternoon because she had to be out by Wednesday morning at 11 or something like that. So we were moving things and getting stuff going. She was grateful for us to come and help, but man was that stressful.

I went on exchanges with the zone leaders this week so that was fun. I was with Elder Jeronimo. He and I are brothers in the mission because our "dad" is Elder Thompson (dad means trainer) so that was a lot of fun being with him. He is from Mexico and is was funny because the language stuff. I was helping him learn the rules of Spanish cuz he speaks it but doesn't know a lot of the rules. And he helped me with my Spanish Spanish and I helped him with the rules. We had a great day doing service on the prairie, basically we did yard work!

It also rained quite a bit this week and so for most of the days I was soaking wet. Biking in the rain is the most fun thing I have ever done. hahaha.
I don't know if you can pick up some sarcasm there but ya we were wet. The worst part of it all was that it was still hot while raining, so ya, that is super gross! Sweat plus rain! Yum!

Also big congratulations to my cousin Abby on getting married! That is super cool! I appreciate the invite and I really wanted to be there. President said I could go if a member took me, but none of the members were willing to drive to Utah. ;) But congratulations! 
All the pictures are from members of the ward! Awesome Members and I am going to miss them! 
The church is true! I love my time here as a missionary! 
Love you all!
Elder McKeon

 Elder Jeronimo and I doing service
Selfies with Freddy! Made the three biggest guys squish in the back!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Week 35


Your beloved Elder McKeon!!!!!!!

This week was a party hahaha! We enjoyed being missionaries this week! 
Elder Hall and I found 3 new investigators. Super great! Elder Hall and I are just having fun doing the work so it makes it all so much better! No more kittens this week! Thank goodness!
We knocked on a guys door and he let us teach him. He is super cool and totally got the whole need for authority for baptism.  
Sucky thing about this week is that my back rim on my bike broke. I have been on Sister Cardosa's girl bike all week. :( It's been pretty funny. 
The weather this week has been horrible!!!!! One day it is raining and the next it is 101. The best part is that no matter how the weather is, the humidity is always in full force. So you can believe; me + bike + humidity = very sweaty. So it is super gross, but the work is going really good. 
This is the last week of the transfer and I am most likely going to be getting transfered. I have been here for 7 months, so my time here is most likely over.  I love the ward! They are so amazing but I think I am ready for something new. We will have to wait and see! 

Love you all!! Hope you all have a good week! So many birthdays this week! I think half of my family has had a birthday in the last month! Happy birthday to you all!
Happy Memorial Day!
Elder McKeon 
Haircuts today!!!
Picture of us on the bayou biking to service!
Just some goofy pictures trying out Elder Hall's filters on his camera. Artsy! 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Week 34

WHAT IS UP MY PEOPLE!!!!!! Elder McKeon here again!!!!
Crazy fun week this week!

Monday we had 20 Elders at the church playing ball in a huge 3 on 3 tourney! You best believe my team won it all! That was so much fun! The one thing about our mission is like 80 percent of the elders are athletes so these games are intense.

Then we found 2 kittens this week... yes, that is right! 2 -6 week old kittens. One of them we found in the street and we named her Mcall. Combo of Hall and McKeon! We gave her to a guy we knew and he brought her to a rescue so she is all safe! Then this morning we walk out our door and baby kitten #2 is just sitting there crying because she was cold from the rain. We bundled her up in a hand towel and put her on the porch hoping her mom comes and picks her up. If not we'll take her to our guy too! You could call Elder Hall and I - Rescue Heroes! 

Still loving the bike!  We probably ride like 8 to 10 miles each day, depends on the day.

Crazy...we have 78 missionaries leaving in these next 3 transfers and it is all our leadership.
So we'll see what transfers will look like in 10 days. So we have to focus and work hard! In interviews, President was like 'you've been here a long time haven't you? and I was like ya, 7 months' and he said 'well who knows if you're leaving or staying.' 

We also found a new investigator this week and she is awesome. Her name is Evelyn. Crazy story with her though. We set up a bunch of appointments with her and she would always say "come now" and then nothing. Elder Hall and I just felt like we needed to keep going back there and teach her. So we finally had a lesson with her and man is she awesome! She has family in Guatemala that are members  and she has always wanted to find out more about the church. At the end of the lesson she told us how next time she wants her 3 sons and husband to hear the message. We are pretty excited about that! 

Crazy that a year ago I was getting ready to graduate and now I have been serving a mission for 8 months! 

So it was a super great week! 

Good week here in the mission!
Love you all!
Your homeboy
Elder McKeon
why I hate Houston...
That's 5:57am! 81% humidity too!
why I love Houston...hahaha
Elder Hall at piano classes - love it!
Elder Hall is a great Comp! Needed my back cracked!
Played Volleyball with the Youth on Wednesday
Kitten #2
pictures of McCall we put her in Elder Hall's backpack 

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Week 33

Hi everyone!
 Another week, Another email from your favorite Elder McKeon
This week was a slow week here in Houston. We had our zone conference on Tuesday and like always, that was awesome. We talked about putting on the Armor of God and how this is the Lord's battle and we are his soldiers. Loved every second of it. 
So great to be able to talk to the family yesterday! Such a blessing to be able to do that! 

These last 2 weeks we have been teaching the youth in our ward piano. Man, is that fun! Because I do not know how to play piano, I am learning as we go too!
Other than that this week has been super calm and just a lot of finding going on. 
Our 2 couples that we found last week are progressing pretty well. They are really cool people, but like every other person in Houston, they are always busy. It is super hard to see them, but we are trying and it is going really well! 

I was a little sick this week, but am feeling better! SUPER SWEATY all the time! It's all good tho! 

Sorry for a short letter, but I am good, happy and loving being a missionary! My companion, Elder Hall, is great! We have a lot of fun together. Plus, Elder Smith and Elder Clark are great Elders! My district has been able to play basketball every morning and that helps so much! The bike is great! 

I love you all 
Elder McKeon
Zone Conference - Houston Espanol, Houston Central, Bay City Zones
I'm in the Houston Espanol Zone
Our Sunday lunches with one of the Ward members named Freddy, and Elders Smith, Clark and Hall

Elder Hall and I - Helmet head!
Elder Hall and I in goofy shirts for service

Monday, May 8, 2017

Week 32

What's poppin Party PEOPLE!!!!

Elder McKeon back again! 

This week was sweet! We found 4 new investigators! 2 young couples! We randomly knocked on their door and they're like come in! They are super awesome! Super excited to continue teaching them! Both couples complimented Elder Hall and I on our Spanish and were blown away at how we have learned to speak it. We have appointments set up with both of them this week.

I am sad for Rodrigo. He and Yennifer have broken up for good this time. He is really having a hard time. I hope the gospel can give him some peace.

Crappy part of the week is that our toilet backed up into our bathtub 2 times and it was gross! So we had to shower at the other Elder's complex. Someone in the complex was flushing baby wipes down the toilet. Not a good idea cuz it ruins the rest of the complex. 

Cinco de mayo was also poppin here in Texas. That was quite the night! Not an easy night to go finding!

Oh, the missionaries are teaching piano class to youth in the ward every Saturday morning. That has been super fun! I just pay attention and try some things after the class is over. I am learning a little bit too! 

Oh, we found a beautiful dog running the streets Saturday morning in the church parking lot so we played fetch with him. It was way to much fun! I miss my pup! 

Saturday night was way fun! We talked to so many people! ;) Something went down in a complex right before we got there. We walked in and the cops pulled up and were trying to talk to witnesses but not one of them spoke Spanish. The cops said "Elders come here" and so we began translating for the police the rest of the night. It was an interesting way to give service! hahaha. 

Texas is starting to heat up! I do not like that but you know it happens. Stupid earth rotation and all that nonsense. 

My buddy Max turns 13 this week! Give him a hug from me if you see him on Friday! Love that kid!

Other than that, it has been a great week! We are just killing it in the missionary world! 
Grateful for the miracles we saw this week. People opening their doors and letting us in!

Miss and love you all!!!
Pray everyone has a good week!
Elder McKeon

Hermana Cardosa and I - we matched at church with our flowers. 
how calls are made 

Yours truly with his noble ride, Leydi Splenda
She pretty much sits in the same place all week. Still riding a bike 90% of the time!