Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Week 23

Hi ya'll 
Man what an amazing week out here in the mission field! It started off a little rocky bcuz Tuesday morning I dropped my toothpaste in the toilet. :( But that was the lowest point of the week! Everything was up and amazing this week. 

So we found 4 news (new investigators) and they are great! One of our news told his brother about the message and then his brother went on to mormon.org and watched the Joseph Smith movie. He said he needed to know more and then he watched the movie while on a date with his gf (girlfriend) and now she wants to start meeting with us!  The 2 brothers have a date for April 1.  They came to church on Sunday and asked if he could have another book of Mormon. That way he can just set it out for his parents to read bcuz he talked to them about it. His parents said do what makes you happy son and now all he wants to do is talk with them about it. We gave him the Book of Mormon on Wednesday and on Thursday night, he read the entire Intro, all the testimonies and then the first 6 chapters of 1 Nephi. He says he can't put it down!!! Thursday he worked from 5 in the morning to 5 in the night and then had school from 6-11.  He said he just read it all night, he couldn't sleep. And now he is halfway through 1 Nephi! 

We were able to go to the temple with our recent convert Yolanda and that was amazing! She was able to be baptized for her mom. This was on Friday and she hasn't stopped talking about it since! She is so excited for the temple! 

Just an amazing week here in the mission! We have transfers in 2 weeks so I am praying I don't leave this area cuz the work right now is amazing! 

We have been playing volleyball for the last 3 weeks! So happy to be able to play something!

Crazy how fast time goes I hit my 5 month mark today! I love this work and the gospel! 
Oh and I also forgot on Sunday, we came to church and this member had like 6 full trash bags of bread so we got a lot of bread to take home with us! So on Sunday we had a bread party! 
I love you all 
Elder McKeon

Random Selfie
Temple with Yolanda

Worst part of the week!! 

 elder thompson asked to borrow my scissors and this is what i look up to
our sick room - I'm the Steeler Nation bed
Bread party
Bread party

Monday, February 20, 2017

Week 22

The Lord blesses you. Last week was a really rough week. We had every lesson cancel and just not a lot was going right. This week was the complete opposite! We found 4 new amazing investigators. One was Monday night. He was outside practicing his bottle flipping tricks. He is a bartender and so he was practicing his stuff and it was really cool actually. He is super awesome and loves our message. The other 3 are super great too. We found 2 in one day and they are great. They are named Jorge and Filemon. Then we met this kid named Rodrigo. He is a 19 year old boxer who loves loves our message. He told us when we called to follow up with him that he taught his brother the lesson. He said that his brother took the Restoration folleto (pamphlet) and read it all and wants top sit in on the lessons with us. This week has been amazing. I love Serving the Lord! There is no better blessing! 

We also had one of our Zone leaders come on exchanges with us. Our zone leaders speak this crazy language called Burmese. There is a very large Burmese population in China town. They work the same street every day for 2 years and they love it! The Lord works in mysterious ways because they have been working that area for a year and a half now and they are still finding new people to teach that they have never met before. It is crazy!

I love you all! 
Crazy how fast time goes! Been on the Lord's Errand for about 5 months now and I have loved every second of it!
Elder McKeon

burmese bible
some random selfies so you dont forget what i look like ;)

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Week 21

Hi everyone! 

Good week out here in Houston! Lots of canceled appointments this week so Elder Thompson and I spent a lot of time knocking doors and talking to everybody. It has been a long week searching for those that the Lord has prepared to hear this message. Finding is the most important part of missionary work. With out finding, we do not do anything! We can't teach and we can't baptize if we don't spend time finding. As a missionary, I have a love hate relationship with finding, but I am working on having an only love relationship with it. So keep that in your prayers for me. hahaha! The only 2 lessons we taught were on my bday, so it was like a bday miracle and we got 3 new people to teach that day.

This week was my 1st birthday in the mission, so that was awesome! Not gonna lie, I forgot it was my birthday until my comp scared me after I got dressed by screaming Happy Birthday with balloons and noise makers and a party hat that my grandparents sent me! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa! Then my district sang happy bday to me at our meeting. The Hermana's made me a little card. I had a great bday here in the mission! I got many gifts and I am so thankful that people remembered me! 
Some guy I talked to offered me the largest beer I have ever seen! It was crazy big! Like as big as my head and I've got a huge head. He also thought I was older than he was and he was 35! I guess even shaving everyday, I still look old!

Don't even get me started on shaving! If I hated it before I left on my mission, I hate it even more now!!! hahah! I got an electric razor while out here and that has been the biggest blessing! 

I have been doing this Book of Mormon challenge. It is called the Doctrine of Christ scripture reading. The Doctrine is Faith, Repentance, Baptism, Holy Ghost/Spirit and the last is Endure to the End. So you pick a color for everyone of those points - mine is faith=orange repentance=red, baptism blue, yellow is spirit and then green is Endure to the End. So what you do is only mark the scriptures that have to do with the Doctrines of Christ. It is such a fun challenge. I started it Feb 1st and I just started Jacob this morning.  So just get one of the little copies the missionaries pass around and on the front cover make a little key and then go for it! It is a great challenge! My Book of Mormon is so colorful! :) 

We had the great opportunity this week to have Elder Zwick come to our mission and do a zone conference with us! That was so amazing! He taught us so many things on how to better the mission! SIMPLIFY INTENSIFY and TESTIFY - that was his message. Then sat down at my table and ate lunch with us! That was such a blessing! He talked to everyone of us and asked about our home towns and something about us! He then went on to remember our names and call on us out in the second session of the conference. That was such a treat! 

Supposed to go to the temple with Yolanda this week. Will be working on Family History with her. Praying we get to go!

I love the gospel! There is nothing better than it! I love serving!  Nothing better then wearing the black plaque and having my name and the Lords right there with me! 

We all can do hard things!! All you gotta do is ask for a little help and the Lord will always help! I can promise that!
I love you all 
Elder McKeon

Birthday selfie!
 Birthday tradition staying strong here in Texas! Thanks for sending my birthday poster!
Birthday lunch - I made myself! Rice and chicken is all I eat! Yes Elder Thompson is praying...whoops! ;)

Monday, February 6, 2017

Week 20


Great week here in the mission! Man I love serving!! There is literally nothing better than being out serving! This week was amazing! 

Monday Elder Thompson and I went and got some hair cuts at the Latino Hair Salon. Great hair cut but nothing compared to my girl Bri! :)
Being in a companionship is amazing! So much easier than with 3 of us. 
Then Elder McKeon found Boba in Texas! It is in China town - yep a Chinatown here in Texas too- at this placed called Go Go Ice!! Oh it was too amazing, made me too happy! 

Saturday we had Yolanda's baptism!!! So pumped that everything went perfect! The spirit was unreal! She was so happy! We got her a triple combo set of scriptures and a Bible. She was sooo happy about it! I said the prayer.
She was confirmed on Sunday! Also I got to bless the sacrament in Spanish for the first time and didn't screw up, so that was a plus! Man, was that a good day too! 

Bummed about the Superbowl! I hate the Patriots! We are about 10 miles from the Stadium.  You could hear the cheering while we were out tracking. We asked President if we could go and talk to people he said it probably wouldn't lead to much success bcuz everyone would be from out of town. But he said if it felt right to do, then go for it. We didn't go, too much going on! 

We are teaching this security guard at one of the complexes we work in. His name is Oscar and he is so funny! He has a wife and 2 daughters who we are trying to teach but he works nights from 6 PM to 6AM. We're trying to work a schedule so we can teach his whole family.
He gives us like 2 referrals every time we come. He is great!

 Now we're teaching a part member family. The husband isn't a member but he is gonna get baptized. He loves Elder Thompson and me. He invites us over for return appointments. We never have to schedule! He tells us when to come over. 
We don't have any one person on date right now, but were hoping to have a couple by the end of this week. 

We had this service project whit helping little kids brush their teeth and see the dentist cuz they don't have the money. So that was way fun! Love helping the kids! 

Spanish is way improving! Still a lot to learn, but coming really nicely. I have to speak more now that there is the 2 of us!

This week we will teach Yolanda some Family History and then go to the temple with her on Feb 17. 
Sundays we're are at the building from building 8:30-1 or 2, then studies, then out teaching the good word. We do we get fed only Sundays cuz the members can feed us. Yesterday, we had a big old parrilladaA parrillada is just a big plate of meat! Delicious!!  We had appts all day yesterday.  

I turn 19 on Saturday! How crazy weird! I'm feeling real good and i will go out and share the gospel. Give a gift rather than get one! But gift are great too! HAHAHA Just kidding! 

We're gonna play basketball today!  YAYYY!!! I hope my knee stays good. It's been hurting a lot lately! Happy we get to play! 

I love you all! I am grateful for all of you and the love and support you give me! 
Have a great week!
Elder McKeon

Yolanda's baptism! 
Baptism picture featuring Yohao (yes that is his name, it is pronounced Joe-Wow)
He is one of our members son! He is awesome! 
BOBA - P day treat!