Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Week 23

Hi ya'll 
Man what an amazing week out here in the mission field! It started off a little rocky bcuz Tuesday morning I dropped my toothpaste in the toilet. :( But that was the lowest point of the week! Everything was up and amazing this week. 

So we found 4 news (new investigators) and they are great! One of our news told his brother about the message and then his brother went on to mormon.org and watched the Joseph Smith movie. He said he needed to know more and then he watched the movie while on a date with his gf (girlfriend) and now she wants to start meeting with us!  The 2 brothers have a date for April 1.  They came to church on Sunday and asked if he could have another book of Mormon. That way he can just set it out for his parents to read bcuz he talked to them about it. His parents said do what makes you happy son and now all he wants to do is talk with them about it. We gave him the Book of Mormon on Wednesday and on Thursday night, he read the entire Intro, all the testimonies and then the first 6 chapters of 1 Nephi. He says he can't put it down!!! Thursday he worked from 5 in the morning to 5 in the night and then had school from 6-11.  He said he just read it all night, he couldn't sleep. And now he is halfway through 1 Nephi! 

We were able to go to the temple with our recent convert Yolanda and that was amazing! She was able to be baptized for her mom. This was on Friday and she hasn't stopped talking about it since! She is so excited for the temple! 

Just an amazing week here in the mission! We have transfers in 2 weeks so I am praying I don't leave this area cuz the work right now is amazing! 

We have been playing volleyball for the last 3 weeks! So happy to be able to play something!

Crazy how fast time goes I hit my 5 month mark today! I love this work and the gospel! 
Oh and I also forgot on Sunday, we came to church and this member had like 6 full trash bags of bread so we got a lot of bread to take home with us! So on Sunday we had a bread party! 
I love you all 
Elder McKeon

Random Selfie
Temple with Yolanda

Worst part of the week!! 

 elder thompson asked to borrow my scissors and this is what i look up to
our sick room - I'm the Steeler Nation bed
Bread party
Bread party

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  1. Loving the toothpaste! Stay solid and keep moving forward, like Double Tackle!!

    Coach Sears