Monday, February 6, 2017

Week 20


Great week here in the mission! Man I love serving!! There is literally nothing better than being out serving! This week was amazing! 

Monday Elder Thompson and I went and got some hair cuts at the Latino Hair Salon. Great hair cut but nothing compared to my girl Bri! :)
Being in a companionship is amazing! So much easier than with 3 of us. 
Then Elder McKeon found Boba in Texas! It is in China town - yep a Chinatown here in Texas too- at this placed called Go Go Ice!! Oh it was too amazing, made me too happy! 

Saturday we had Yolanda's baptism!!! So pumped that everything went perfect! The spirit was unreal! She was so happy! We got her a triple combo set of scriptures and a Bible. She was sooo happy about it! I said the prayer.
She was confirmed on Sunday! Also I got to bless the sacrament in Spanish for the first time and didn't screw up, so that was a plus! Man, was that a good day too! 

Bummed about the Superbowl! I hate the Patriots! We are about 10 miles from the Stadium.  You could hear the cheering while we were out tracking. We asked President if we could go and talk to people he said it probably wouldn't lead to much success bcuz everyone would be from out of town. But he said if it felt right to do, then go for it. We didn't go, too much going on! 

We are teaching this security guard at one of the complexes we work in. His name is Oscar and he is so funny! He has a wife and 2 daughters who we are trying to teach but he works nights from 6 PM to 6AM. We're trying to work a schedule so we can teach his whole family.
He gives us like 2 referrals every time we come. He is great!

 Now we're teaching a part member family. The husband isn't a member but he is gonna get baptized. He loves Elder Thompson and me. He invites us over for return appointments. We never have to schedule! He tells us when to come over. 
We don't have any one person on date right now, but were hoping to have a couple by the end of this week. 

We had this service project whit helping little kids brush their teeth and see the dentist cuz they don't have the money. So that was way fun! Love helping the kids! 

Spanish is way improving! Still a lot to learn, but coming really nicely. I have to speak more now that there is the 2 of us!

This week we will teach Yolanda some Family History and then go to the temple with her on Feb 17. 
Sundays we're are at the building from building 8:30-1 or 2, then studies, then out teaching the good word. We do we get fed only Sundays cuz the members can feed us. Yesterday, we had a big old parrilladaA parrillada is just a big plate of meat! Delicious!!  We had appts all day yesterday.  

I turn 19 on Saturday! How crazy weird! I'm feeling real good and i will go out and share the gospel. Give a gift rather than get one! But gift are great too! HAHAHA Just kidding! 

We're gonna play basketball today!  YAYYY!!! I hope my knee stays good. It's been hurting a lot lately! Happy we get to play! 

I love you all! I am grateful for all of you and the love and support you give me! 
Have a great week!
Elder McKeon

Yolanda's baptism! 
Baptism picture featuring Yohao (yes that is his name, it is pronounced Joe-Wow)
He is one of our members son! He is awesome! 
BOBA - P day treat!

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