Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Week 43

Party People!!!! 

I love being a missionary! I didn't know if you all already knew that so I thought I'd remind you all! 

My new companion is Elder Cass. He is from Ohio.  He reminds me of my cousin Spencer! Good guy! We are working well together! We both are hard workers so we expect that the Lord will bless us! We have done a lot of sowing lately. Some reaping would be nice! ;)

This week was a good week. Elder Cass and I have been hitting the ground hard out here in Sunny Side! This last week we got one of our investigators on date to be baptized on the 19 of agosto. ( sorry I can't remember how to spell it and Spanish is easier) But yes, we are so excited for him. He is doing so awesome. 
Leonardo is good. He's still 81 years old and can't hear so we are always yelling and speaking slow in Spanish at him. He has a drinking problem and at 81 that is hard, but we are praying for him. 

This week at church, I was helping one of the Hermana's recent converts be able to focus more during Sacrament meeting. I sat with him and his 3 year old little girl. She and I just sat there and colored and he was able to pay attention to church. It felt like I was back home in the ward playing with the Newbold boys during Sacrament meeting. 

Other than that, we spent a lot of time out knocking and talking to people but no ones was opening! That was sad but we kept going with smiles on our faces! My mom says BE HAPPY! 
This week we get to go to the temple and I am very excited for that! 
Just a normal week out here in the field!
Love you all 
Elder McKeon 

Elder Cass and me

What your planner looks like when you give it to a 3 year old!!

Week 42

What is happening Everyone!!! 

Sunny Side pride will be happening for another 6 weeks! I am staying in Sunny Side! My companion is leaving though so I will be getting someone new for this transfer. 

Well this week was really fun! We found a new investigator from one of the members in the Stake Presidency. President Peterson called us and said Elders I have someone for you to teach and he is great! So we went over there and his name is Leonardo and he is 81 years old. He can't hear very well so I yell at him for him to hear me. It is way fun. :) His son is super happy for us to come because he wants his dad to learn more about God. His son said he will leave his church so he can bring his dad to our church. We're super excited to see how he progresses. 

Our other investigator Arturo's wife gave birth yesterday to their little girl! So happy for them. The best part of it all was that she was going into the hospital at 4:00 and since our church starts at 1:00 they came to church for the first hour!!! I was so excited to see them cuz we didn't think they were coming because the baby was suppose to come on Saturday. But they were there and they loved church. He kept looking at me and going "Elder I am gonna be a dad, I'm about to have my little girl" and all I could say was yes! yes you are Arturo! It was so awesome! 
The week was awesome! We had a crazy storm this week so that was fun as well! 
Nothing to crazy in Sunny Side! Thankfully! 

I love you all 
Elder McKeon 

The old district!
Me just wanting to fit in in Texas but I can't cuz well, missionary car.... 
My favorite! The tagging that goes on in Sunny Side

These cute puppies I found while tracting. The one with the black face is named Red and the other is named Blue cuz she had blue eyes. I'm an animal magnet!

Planner covers for this transfer. I am putting the sunny in Sunny Side

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Week 41

Hey Everyone! 
Another week in the mission and a whole lot of nothing going on. We had some annoying car troubles and spent a lot of time at Firestone getting our car fixed. The tires were all screwed up. Waste of time! Other than that we just went out finding ALL day. We found 2 new  investigators this week named Mario and Ilda. We have been trying to teach them since I got in the area and we finally had a lesson with them. They are excited to learn. Arturo is doing really good. He is reading the Book of Mormon and enjoying the time when we come over. He has a great support group so he is doing good. 

It is crazy how fast time is flying. This is the last week of this transfer. I don't know what is going to happen in the mission soon. We have like 71 missionaries going home in the next 2 transfers. That makes the mission a whole lot different in the next coming month. 

The computer for some reason won't let me upload any pictures, but next week I should have a lot of good ones coming your way! 
Sorry for the short email. The 4th of July though in Sunny side, Texas... The biggest disappointment I have ever been apart of. SAD!! In my area at least. No parades! No fireworks! No nothing!! You would think that in Texas, the 4th of July would be awesome. NOPE!!! 

Well I hope everyone else's 4th was amazing! Literally my favorite holiday still! 
I love you all! 
Elder McKeon 

Monday, July 3, 2017

Week 40

What is up everybody! Another great week out here in the Hood! 

This week we found a new investigator named Arturo. His wife is a member and her family are members. They are a powerhouse family in the ward. It is awesome. He has real desires to learn and he told us "I am planning on being baptized. I am gonna ask my father in law to do it". So it is a pretty perfect set up! 

Also, this week we had this thing called a Mini Mission. What our Stake does is have kids from the Stake go out and be with the missionaries for 3 days. They are pretty much missionaries. They plan with us, study with us, eat with us and everything. They even get set apart as missionaries. It is honestly such a cool program! We had a kid named Adan Soto with us for 3 days! He was so much fun to have and a great kid. Super fun and cool thing. 
Also, I went on exchanges this week with our district leader down in Alvin, Texas.  Man, did we get ruined by a huge rain storm!!! It was insane! The wind was so fast it was blowing the rain horizontal. Way to much fun! haha 

My goals this week are to work hard and be happy! They are the best goals! If you work hard, you don't think about anything else and if you make the choice to be happy, you search for the blessings! 

 Have a great week!
I love you all
Elder McKeon

Deal of the Week! Best purchase ever! I got 14 bars of dove men + care soap for $10  -Freaking steal!  Got to find the tender mercies! 
Elder Soto and I
Elder Ibarra and I
My bike - resting!
An average day here in Sunny side
"Army of brothaz and sistahz"
Not a parade! Just cruising down the street