Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Week 42

What is happening Everyone!!! 

Sunny Side pride will be happening for another 6 weeks! I am staying in Sunny Side! My companion is leaving though so I will be getting someone new for this transfer. 

Well this week was really fun! We found a new investigator from one of the members in the Stake Presidency. President Peterson called us and said Elders I have someone for you to teach and he is great! So we went over there and his name is Leonardo and he is 81 years old. He can't hear very well so I yell at him for him to hear me. It is way fun. :) His son is super happy for us to come because he wants his dad to learn more about God. His son said he will leave his church so he can bring his dad to our church. We're super excited to see how he progresses. 

Our other investigator Arturo's wife gave birth yesterday to their little girl! So happy for them. The best part of it all was that she was going into the hospital at 4:00 and since our church starts at 1:00 they came to church for the first hour!!! I was so excited to see them cuz we didn't think they were coming because the baby was suppose to come on Saturday. But they were there and they loved church. He kept looking at me and going "Elder I am gonna be a dad, I'm about to have my little girl" and all I could say was yes! yes you are Arturo! It was so awesome! 
The week was awesome! We had a crazy storm this week so that was fun as well! 
Nothing to crazy in Sunny Side! Thankfully! 

I love you all 
Elder McKeon 

The old district!
Me just wanting to fit in in Texas but I can't cuz well, missionary car.... 
My favorite! The tagging that goes on in Sunny Side

These cute puppies I found while tracting. The one with the black face is named Red and the other is named Blue cuz she had blue eyes. I'm an animal magnet!

Planner covers for this transfer. I am putting the sunny in Sunny Side

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