Monday, January 30, 2017

Week 19

Hey all
This week has been a good week! A lot of ups and downs.
 We had a lot of really cool potential investigators just call us right before our lessons and cancel on us. Which was a bummer! So we spent a lot of this week finding! We have a lot of cool people we will be teaching this week. So I will let you know how all of those go next week! Praying they all go well!!

So my second transfer in the mission is done. I am out of training!! And I am staying in the Houston 2nd ward with Elder Thompson. Elder Kennedy got transferred, so I am no longer in a tri-panionship. I get to rock it in a bike area for another 6 weeks though so I am super pumped about that! Bike areas are the best! We won't be moving apartments until the end of March which is less stress on us too!
All the new changes in the mission schedule are the ones we have been doing. President has us doing it for over a month now. Its all very cool!

We had to move our baptism to this Saturday at 5. That bummed us out but now the day is firm and Yolanda is getting baptized. 

Also this Sunday was sweet! The missionaries all spoke in Sacrament meeting so that was crazy good!! Elder Thompson and I spoke on The Plan of Salvation and than during third hour we taught the whole ward how to introduce the Book of Mormon using the front cover pictures. The Lord really blessed me with some solid Spanish during those 2 segments of church. Spanish was flowing out of me and I didn't even know what words I was saying! It was so great.
Oh, speaking of the scriptures I finsihed the Book of Mormon cover to cover on Wednesday! Love that book! 

P days are the most stressful day of the week! We don't have time to play. Our zone gets together every p day to play basketball. We just never have time cuz we don't have a car. Everyone else in our zone has a car, so we have to figure out rides to do everything we need to do. P days are very stressful but it should be easier now with just the 2 of us.

The Ukulele is good. It is fun to mess around on. I'm still learning! It's just like missionary work, still learning! haha

Have a great week!

I love you all 
Elder McKeon

My old planner pictures from last transfer.

My new planner pictures for this transfer. Repping Hart even out here in Texas!

A less active member in our ward trying to kill us. So much cheese and crema. There are taquitos under there somewhere. I promise!
There is this sweet palm tree in one of the complexs we work and the tree grows sideways
so I took a picture on it
 I became a real Texan this week. Tried WHATABURGER not that impressed haha
In n Out is way better!
my little lizard buddy that some little kid gave to me out on the streets

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