Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Week 3 - MTC

Hola mis amigos Elder McKeon here 
This week has probably been the best week in the MTC for me. My spanish has started to click and I am speaking more and more everyday. It is one of the best feelings! This week we taught a real investigator in the MTC and Man, was that an experience! His name is Marco and he is from Peru and now lives here in Provo. He is one of the coolest guys ever. During the lesson the Spirit was so strong. It was amazing. The lesson was only suppose to be a 20 minute lesson, but it turned into a 45 minute lesson. The entire 45 minutes we were talking in Spanish. We had prepared a lesson to teach him, but when we got into the lesson the Spirit took us a whole other direction than what we had planned for.  My companions and my Spanish was great! We all just flowed off of each other on the lesson. He even accepted our offer for a baptismal date on the first lesson! I know that the investigator was in the MTC but the Spirit I felt after that lesson made me so much more excited to get out into the mission field and teach the people of Houston Texas. I only have about 2 and a half weeks left which is such a weird feeling.  It feels like I have been at the MTC for a year but it is also going by so quickly. This past week has made me honestly so grateful for this oppurtunity to serve the Lord. I miss all of you and pray for everyone back home. I love you all!
Peace out 
Elder McKeon

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