Friday, November 4, 2016

Week 5 (no Week 4)

Hey everyone! Last week in the MTC! I'm sorry for no email last week. I was in the ER with my companion. Don't worry everything is okay! 
Well I leave for Houston Monday morning and then I am straight out into the field that night! Lots of nerves going through me but I know the Lord will guide me! So many new experiences coming my way and I can not wait! 
I have taught an amazing investigator these last couple of weeks named Marco and I had an amazing experience with him.  So last week I had a dream about sharing the hymn I Love to see the Temple with our investigator Marco because we were teaching him about temples. so I told my companions about the dream and they said I needed to share it with him. I printed it out in Spanish and we went into the lesson and it was a great lesson.  I started to share with him the hymn and I felt the spirit like something I had never felt before. After our lesson he goes, Elders wait walk me out and so we start to walk him out and he looks and me says, guys I have something to tell you and he begins to tell us how the night before our lesson he had a dream of 3 missionaries sharing with him a hymn and he didn't know who the 3 missionaries were and he didn't know the hymn. Then he says but as soon as you started reading me that hymn I knew that, that was the song that was shared with me in my dream and you were the 3 elders in it. So then I told him about my dream and it was so amazing and a spiritual experience. He accepted our baptismal invitation and he literally is the coolest guy ever! Literally one of the coolest things I've experienced! 
President Russel M. Nelson came and gave a devotional on Tuesday night and I got to sing in the choir for him. That was way awesome too! so many cool things going down making me so excited to get to the field! I miss everyone and hope everyone is doing great.
yo orΓ³ por ustedes mucho Te amΓ³ 
Elder McKeon

Elder Beckstead the night before he left. He's good friends with my cousin! Small world!Yes I am in a lava lava! We have a Samoan Elder in our district and he gave it to me!!
 Me, Elder Hall, and Elder Gress with our investigator Marco. I have great stories about Marco.
picture is a drawing Elder McDonald drew for me. Its moby dick jumping over a boat! Nice!
Throwing up some blue steel! 
All the guys in the district. Left to right: Elder Hall, Hickman, Me, Gress and McDonald


  1. Such a cool story and experience! I can't wait to hear more of these from him!

  2. WOW!!! What an incredible way to kick off his mission...Latins and their dreams...seem so to be one of their spiritual gifts!! How cool that Jr Has it, too!!πŸ’–πŸ’–