Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Week 9


We had dinner at members house on Thanksgiving. It was this great Latin family, Familia Batten. Well it was Hermana first time making turkey and she gave us all the works except for potatoes-- we had rice instead. hahaha!  I ate it like the good boy I am and man let me tell you was that rough. It tasted fine. (I hate Thanksgiving food) :( haha!
My companions really liked it, but I just couldn't say I liked it. I ate it to not be rude. 

Well this week was wild. To start of the week there was a drive by shooting up the street from our apartment and then the next day a trailer park blew up!!! hahaha!! It just lit on fire. It was nuts!!!

 We also gave three blessings this week. One of the three I anointed the oil in Spanish and then the other one, I gave the blessing! It was in English. The funny thing about that blessing was, it was for the 2nd counselor in the Bishopric. He has the same back problem my mom had. So that was cool bcuz he asked me if i would give it before he explained what was wrong and why we were giving him one. So that was an awesome experience. 

Also coming up next Sunday we have our first baptism with this kid named Saul. Our first lesson with him was the second day I got here and so I am so so so pumped for that! He is such a good kid. We taught him about the Word of Wisdom and his only question was "Is it okay if i still drink Soda sometimes?" Like I am so pumped for his baptism. 
Our appointments this week were a lot better. This week flew by. It is nutty. 

I got the Amazon snack box and it is Freaking awesome! I love it! Thank you so much! 

I love and miss you guys
Elder McKeon
Elder Kennedy eating Ramen

So this is my Sunday night! My comp is the District leader so he was making phone calls. I had a rootbeer float with Elder Kennedy and watched a Joseph Smith history video.
It was the best!
 just me and my comp at dinner time - snacking on a pb and j 

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