Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 7 - First week in the field!

hey! This week has been crazy!!!! First full week out here and it is nuts!! I am in a tripanionship again and my trainer's name is Elder Thompson. He went to school with Cassidy! 
We have been running around all week teaching so many people! We are teaching this kid named Saul and he is getting baptized on DEC 3! I am so pumped! 
The language is rough! I understand very little which is really hard :( 
I am in a biking only mission so I am killing it on my bike! My bike has broken twice since I have been here. One night my pedal broke off and then another night my front tire just fell off, it has been wild. I got some sweet battler wounds from crashes because I have almost been hit by cars several times! 
This week has been so stressful. Don't have a lot of time to email cuz we spent our p-day at the zoo with a family from our ward. I didn't really wanna go bcuz we had so much to do this first p-day, but it was great! We have been awake since 4am bcuz we had to get up early to do our laundry.
 My apartment is a piece of garbage compared to other apartments in our mission. I am in  the second most ghetto part of our mission and I love it. I am serving in Bellaire Texas; hahaha! how funny is that. :)
 My area is really weird, kinda of reminds me of home cuz going down one street and you are in the hood, go down the next street and you are in really nice area. Except for the hood is really ghetto and the nice areas are really, really nice. It is really funny. 
We haven't had any food in our apartment for the last week, so we have been eating whatever we have. It is rough!  Now after we send our quick emails, we have to go to the grocery store on bikes... no idea how that is gonna go, kind of nervous! 
 We just found a car to go get groceries but we only have like 50 minutes to go shop cuz we have a lesson at 6, a lesson at 7, and a lesson at 8 tonight. Mission is stressful but I am loving it so far! Hopefully it only gets better! I haven't stopped sweating since i got here. :(
 My trainer has been out for 10 months and he speaks the language so well. My other companion has been out 5 months and he can't speak it or understand it at all, which makes me nervous too! My bike got fixed! Everything with that is all good! We're so busy it is unreal! My legs are so sore from my bike... oh my goodness! We ride so many miles a day. I think this week we did like 40 miles, maybe more! It is unrealI.
 love and miss you guys so much! 
Elder McKeon

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