Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Week 25

Hi Everyone!

So this week was super good! Well to start off I will be staying in the Houston 2nd ward! Even better, Elder Thompson and I will be staying together for another transfer. My first 7 months in the mission will be spent in the same area with the same comp! 
Sadly our district is being switched up. Elder Thompson and I are the only ones not getting affected by transfers in our district.

This week was super cool. Our investigators Rodrigo and his girlfriend Yenifer came to church and they loved it! They were only going stay for the first hour but after that, they just both couldn't pull themselves away to leave. They stayed all 3 hours! It was the best thing ever! They are progressing so well. 

Saul and Yolanda are great! We're actually going to start teaching Saul's cousin this week too. Oh and we may be starting to teach this family who son is on a mission. The family isn't members. We have a lesson set up with them this week. The mom started crying when we knocked on the door and she opened it. Her son comes home in 5 months from his mission. 

I am trying my best with Spanish - still got a lot to learn but it is coming along. I'm getting really good at praying. But some days the spanish is there and other days, it's like Duh, what am I saying. A sister in our district that is a native speaker said I am super el Salvadorian in the way I speak! hahahaa

It rained a lot this week so we were just always soaked! We would try to give people a card with our number and they would be just be drenched. It made the people we were talking to laugh. 

Thanks for all the pictures. I miss my dog! He is to fat, somebody take him on some walks. I miss my beard!!! That has been the biggest sacrifice of the mission!! haha! 

Miss you all and I pray you are all doing well!
With love 
Elder McKeon 

just a random texas sunset
super wet from the rain and the lighting of the complex made me look like i was in a forest haha
picture of our district
my uncle nicky and his kids drove from Dallas to surprise me with lunch!

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