Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Week 26

Hi everyone!

We have been cleaning all morning cuz we are moving this week. It's the same complex just a smaller apartment, better than some worst than others. It's a different address but it is apartment number 45. I'll send my new address when I get it. We are moving Wed. or Thursday.

This week has been super good! We just have been teaching so much! Rodrigo and Yenifer and Raul are progressing Sooo well! I am so excited for them! We had an investigator named Carlos who is super awesome! He was nervous about church but he prayed about it.  He said he felt so good during his prayer. He said on the radio he heard that he needed to go and try churches and so next week he is gonna come to church with us! 

This week was a little rough with Spanish. Just the Lord humbling me cuz I thought it was getting way better! haha!
It's getting hot in Houston and I am Not excited!!! 

We have lost track of our Security guard investigator. We think he might have been fired.  We have a number for him but he doesn't answer and we talked to the other security guard and he said that he works at some casino now! Maybe we planted a seed for other missionaries!

Nothing too exciting this last week but super excited for this week because we have Zone conference and interviews with President. President wants to talk about the importance of church for our investigators. I love Zone Conferences. Should be very fun! 

The zone is all here today. We're going to play bball! Pumped about that!
I love you all 
Elder McKeon

me with my birthday present from Maddie - Chatbooks
goofy one :)

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