Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Week 27

Hello everyone!

Your home boy Elder McKeon here! Crazy week here in Texas! 6 months out tomorrow!!!! Time flies when serving the Lord!

It was long  week, thats for sure! Spanish was better but we had a lot of meetings!
Pray for my Spanish! haha! I've been working really hard, just keep getting frustrated with myself because I know the basics of what i need to say, but I want to increase my knowledge and really use it well!  I keep getting frustrated when I do not use the right conjugation. I just need to slow down and really think what I am gonna say!
We actually didn't move this week like planned. We are moving on Thursday to a new apartment complex across the street. It's way better!
The new address is 6700 Chimney Rock Rd. #71, Houston TX 77081

 Monday night we were in a complex and we hear someone calling "Missionaries!" We look over and we see this older British lady running towards us. She is a member from England and is visiting here with her husband. They ask us if we could come help them get their things to the apartment. We start talking to them and the man pulls out some British chocolate and gives it to us. Then he takes out these homemade leather wallets, cartera is wallet in Spanish. haha! These are made of leather that is put in yachts and Aston  Martins. He buys the scrap leather from them to make the wallets. Then he hands us 2 English flags. It was so sweet! 

Tuesday, we had Zone conference and that was amazing! We talked about Enduring to the End and the Church's new Easter campaign, #PrinceofPeace, which is going to be awesome! I can't wait for you all to see it!

 Friday, we had interviews with President, and as always, those were amazing! 
We talked about the work. It was super simple but we talked about how I am doing on the mission and how I am liking it. I said that I am enjoying the mission. He asked if I am happy. We talked about my mom's "be happy" phrase. She ends every letter with Be Happy! and always says Happiness is a choice! I am choosing to be happy! President is the bomb!

 On Sunday, we had Rodrigo and Yenifer and Raul and his wife all come to church! 
Rodrigo and Yenifer are on date for baptism for the 8th of abril. Elder Thompson got to give a talk that was really good and then we got to teach the Young Women for third hour! We got to teach about the Atonement and it was so much fun! We showed the "Because of Him" Video and in Spanish it is "Gracia A El" Personally I like it better in Spanish. 

Good week out here in the Field!

I love you all 
Elder McKeon

Singing at Zone Conference


Zone Conference
In front of our new English flag - For you Ben!!
cool mural we bike past everyday
These beautiful things are called pupusas - Delicious!
The wallet he gave me - the route 66 cuz I am from California
President is doing a video for the Easter campaign so we all made a sign, in our assigned language, on how the Savior brings us peace. Mine says "He answers me" and Elder Thompson's says "He guides me". 

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