Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Week 45

My people! It's your boy Elder McKeon back with a weekly update! 

I've lost track of how many weeks I'm at like 45 or something who knows! Times flying when your killing it! :-)
So this week, man, was Amazing! It was a service filled work week! This wasn't just little service. We remodeled a house and then helped a family move into the house. 
The family we helped are investigators of the other Elders in our district. They had been kicked out of their house and they had a week to be out. They found some piece of junk house and so that's where we came in! We went and just went to work. We cleaned out all the junk in the house!  We cut out moldy walls, dry walled and then we re-painted all of the rooms. Man, was that thing a mess. One room had 5 dogs living in it so we cleaned that all up, ripped up some tile and basically redid the entire house! I felt like my mother's son on that day because I was just doing what my mom did all the time back home! 

On Saturday, we moved them out of there old house, moved their daughter out of her house and moved them all to their new house. We unloaded 2 UHaul trucks and a normal pick up truck. Man did they have some heavy things! ahhhh! They were so happy to have us there. The dad kept calling all of us "mijo" which means my son or my boy! Afterwards, we all sat down like a big family and had dinner and he said "You all are my boys now! We are family if you need anything you know who to call." So man was that amazing!

Friday when we weren't helping them, we had another service moment at a home for cancer patients. I got to carry a lady into her car and it was the saddest thing. I could tell how much pain she was in. Once I was able to get her in the car, she got so happy talking with me. We just sat there at her car talking. She sat there holding my hand the whole time saying "I'm gonna remember you." That just made me feel so good! 

This week was one of those weeks that made me happy to be a missionary and see how just a little bit of service can help change someones outlook. Mine included!
Best week of my mission so far!!! 

I love you all!
Elder McKeon

PS Good luck to my cousin Jimmy!! He goes on his mission this week! See you in 2!

Remodel experts! 
Super sweaty!

This is for you mom!!

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