Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Week 44

My people!!! 

Another great week here in the Sunny Side area! This week has been an amazing week in the mission!! 

 Tuesday we had exchanges with the Zone leaders. I was with Elder Akin and he is the man! That day we just were lead by the spirit and everywhere we went was where we were suppose to be. 

Then Thursday we went to the temple and as always, It Was Amazing. 

Then for this week, Elder Cass and my motto has been "leave it all on the field"!!! 
So Friday we were gonna take the bus. When we get to the bus, there is already a bike on the bike rack. We can't take the bus and so we say "well, let's leave it all on the field" and so we bike the 4 miles into the area. YES!!! We have a lesson with a less active and then with our Investigator Arturo. We biked the 4 miles back to the car. We biked like 11 miles that day! 

Friday we met this guy who was like, "Elders, when can you come to my house and teach my family? I am just so confused with religion. I was baptized Catholic but I think it was bad.  It was when I was a baby and I didn't get to choose." We shared the Joseph Smith story with him and now we have a lesson with him tonight with his wife and 3 kids.

Awesome story was Wednesday night... we got done with our English class and the young men were playing basketball. They go 'Hey Elders come play with us." We jumped in (in our shirts and ties) and just absolutely smoked them all! Elder Cass and I were on fire and Bishop was on our team and he was feeling it that night. It was so much fun! 

So it was just an amazing week here in Sunny Side! 
Every day we're spreading that Sunny Side pride and the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

Love you all!
Elder McKeon 

temple trip - beautiful day
when you're in the nursery waiting for english class to start, you play with toys
the difference between shined proselyting shoes and regular proselyting shoes -hahaha

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