Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Week 11

Well my first baptism was amazing! I was so pumped! Saul was so awesome! We had a priest from the Ward baptize him so that was way cool. I got to teach the restoration to everyone that was there.  
I taught the whole thing by myself in front of all the people in Spanish. I was nervous but I guess I did a really good job because everyone told me I did. 

This is a picture from the baptism. Saul is the one standing next to me and Paul is the priest that baptized him. 

Well bad news now...
Only bad part about this week is we got in a pretty bad car accident coming home from interviews with President. Nobody was hurt, just really really sore. This guy ran a stop sign and t boned the crap out of us. Totaled the car. Hit me head on. I was sitting next to the door in the back seat. I am fine just crazy sore. Crazy how the Lord protects us though. In all honesty, I should've broken something. My leg, my arm, something!  But it was like the metal of the car just molded to my body. It was honestly the weirdest experience how the metal just looked like it had been molded to fit my body perfectly. The Lord protects us!!
I don't really remember a lot about what happened, but it is unreal how the Lord protected us. Can't say that enough!!!
Next morning woke up soooo sore, but I got up took some Advil and went to work to find those who need this gospel. The Lord protected me during this situation, the least I can do is go out and bring others unto this great gospel. I am also extremely grateful for airbags because you can see in that one picture the airbag over the windows. They deployed and I smacked my head against that. If that wasn't there me and the driver (Elder Brumm) would've gone right through the windows!
Feeling very blessed! I am still crazy sore taking a lot of Advil! but still hitting the streets doing the work! 

I was sitting right there... driver's side back seat!
You can see the metal molded around me! and the airbag smacked me!
I was like Michael Orr protecting LJ in the Blind Side! 
Yikes! That hurt!
I'm ok mama!

We were in a car bcuz we were coming back from interviews with president with the APs.

 This week was crazy service orientated! We has 45 hours of service! To start we went and taught little kids about dental health which was way fun! Then we helped make those bags with the lady that sent you the picture! Then we helped at a garden called the Prairie for a member. That was way way fun! Then remember those bikes we took off those semi trucks, well we went back and put them together and then loaded them back into trucks. Great week of service!
I love and miss you Elder McKeon
Elder Roberts is in my zone. One of the coolest guys.
He came out the same time as me and we hit it of immediately!

Last picture!! When it rains, it rains in Texas!!! I am totally wet. Good times on a bike in the rain!

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