Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Week 13

Hey y'all!
Not much to talk about today since we talked yesterday!  I loved it! Talking to you guys yesterday was the best present I could've gotten! I love the pictures that you sent and I am doing great today! 
I got many letters and packages and I am so thankful to everyone for thinking of me! 
Oh and I bought a ukulele today! hahaha There was one at Marshall's when we went with the other missionaries hahahah. I used the money I got from the Allen's so you can thank them and tell them what they got me hahaha. President said it was a great idea to learn a new talent. 
Plan for today is finish emailing, then go shopping for some necessary foods and then go out and teach. We have 3 lessons tonight and a blessing to give. I forgot to tell you yesterday I have given so many blessings. I love this mission! It is so unbelievable. Like I love every second of it! I can't not get enough of it. I am just eating it up!
Here some pictures for you! The Lego airplane is what I got from Bishop so I built it Christmas morning. It was like I was 5 years old again. :) The the cookies and pudding (grandma sent to me)  and cider was our Christmas Eve party. Then we got our Steelers Christmas and my In n Out shirt, Thanks for the socks too, mom!! The others are at the Christmas conference. We got to watch Finding Dory too! So awesome!!! Sister Hall throwing up the hang loose to photo bomb us! hahaha
Hey I am about to log off! I Love you guys and I will talk to y'all next week! 
Have a safe New Years! It was so amazing talking to you all yesterday and everybody looks so amazing.
 I love it! 
 love Elder McKeon

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