Monday, April 10, 2017

Week 28

Hello everybody!

Good week here in Texas! Some good fun times going on this week! 

So our very pregnant investigator, well, she gave birth on Wednesday! It was super funny because we called her husband and he didn't answer. He then sent us a text saying, sorry Elders I wasn't able to answer the phone because we are in the hospital right now for the birth of my baby! So I mean that is a pretty good reason to have to cancel our appt. :)
But the best part of it all is, we got a text Friday night that said, Hi Elders we are back at home so you guys can come and visit us whenever you would like! YES! We set up an appointment and saw them Sunday night. That was awesome! 

Helaman 3:35 is my mission plaque scripture. It is a good scripture. I read it this morning during personal study. Read it! 

Well our ward is getting 40 new memebers and we are moving buildings. We are also getting 2 new sisters in our district. A branch is getting dissolved so they are taking half of the ward and bringing them to our ward. That is good.

On Friday we went on an Exchange with the Zone leaders and that was way to much fun. hahaha! Their ward every Friday night has a huge soccer game where they invite all the investigators and it is a great activity. They had more investigators at the game than members. It was so much fun so I am trying to set up that activity in our ward.

So as the goofball missionaries that we are, we all got crazy Hawaiian shirts from the resale shop! We did service at that shop that morning.  We looked like a bunch of goofballs and it was so awesome. haha! 

I am working hard. The zone leaders taught me a new better way to oym (open your mouth) with people and it has been really working. 

We get to go to the temple on Wednesday so I am super excited about that! Other than that pretty normal week here in the mission. 

I love you all!
Elder McKeon

Happy Easter to you!

Also check out the Easter campaign video 
Just random picture but my hair looks good! ;)
the goofball group playing soccer

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