Monday, April 17, 2017

Week 29

Hi everybody
Your favorite Elder here! 

This week was a good week. We had a lot of amazing experiences this week! Wednesday we got to go to the temple as a zone and that is always a great time! I love the Temple! 
Then that night we had a lesson with our investigator Rodrigo. He was telling us about his uncle that is deaf and lives in Mexico. He randomly, out of nowhere, got a Facetime call from that Uncle. He answered it and was telling him about us and I started signing with him. It was the coolest experience ever!  All of the stuff I learned in ASL just started flying back to me. His uncle and I had a good 15 minute conversation. I had never seen Rodrigo so happy!! He told us that it just made his night to see someone be able to talk to his Uncle because nobody knows sign. He said his Uncle gets sad sometimes because he doesn't have many people to talk too. Rodrigo was super happy about that and 
I was super grateful for that experience. 
The Lord puts us in places we need to be. I had my first really awesome gift of tongues moment and it wasn't even in the languages I am speaking! hahahaha! Who would've guessed that would happen! 

Got a big package in the mail from my mama! Love the Easter treats and the cream horns from my Grandma! Thank you Newhall Beehives for the Easter box! The Newhall YW rock!! Treats in the mail are always welcome!

Saturday we had exchanges with the other Elders and our district and, Man was that a fun time!! 

Our ward got moved due to boundary changes so we spent all Saturday morning helping move buildings and that was way way fun! I love the members in the ward!! They are so much fun and they love the missionaries. It is always an amazing time to be with them. 
The boundaries tripled in size so they were giving Elder Thompson and I a car so we could go work out in those new areas.
 We had a sister in our district get hit by a car this week, clipped her back tire. She is okay, just some bruises on her knee. We had the car for half a day and President gave to the Sisters.  So now we don't have a car but we still have the new areas and its about a 10 mile bike ride to the new area so we cant get out there. Maybe we'll find a member to take us once or twice! We'll see!

Also another miracle! When I first got here in this area, we had a less active named Alvaro that hadn't gone to church in a long while. We got him to start coming back to church and now this Sunday, he was called as the first counselor in the Young Men Presidency! Literally the coolest thing to see his transformation! He went from going to church in a Polo and jeans and only staying for one hour, to staying all three hours and wearing a suit and tie! He shaved his beard for his calling (I was not to happy about him shaving, but its okay). I love seeing the blessings of the gospel in peoples lives.

Transfers are this week! 

Also was extremely happy to celebrate the Resurrection of our Savior Jesus Christ this weekend! 
I love you all
Elder McKeon

The best way to do weekly planing con mi cobija y mi animalitos ( with my blanket and animal crackers for you non spanish speakers)
Temple pictures

Elder Clark slumped in the car ride home

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