Monday, April 24, 2017

Week 30

Hi Everyone!!!! 

Another email from your favorite missionary! :)
BISHOP Oborn! That is awesome. Happy for him to be Bishop!! So cool! 

I didn't know Bishop Johnson was moving. I wish him well. I thank him for being my Bishop getting me out here to serve.

This week has been super good. Last week of the transfer and my companion is being transferred. Elder Thompson is being sent off and I am staying in the area. I'm super excited about staying in the area but will miss Elder Thompson! He was a great trainer! 

My new companion is Elder Hall and I am super excited to be working with him! 

A crazy miracle we had this week, one of our investigators named Carlos quit his job because he could not get a Sunday off to go to church. So he quit and went and got a new job where he does not have to work at all on Sundays. Plus he is making more money. So that is so awesome! Crazy how the Lord will bless us as we do the things to come closer to him! 

We also got in contact with Miguel and Alejandra this week so that was a blessing. Rodrigo is doing good. His sister got married on Saturday so he was super busy this week. Working on a baptism date for him.

Also, other cool news is we will be getting a car in this area! You best believe I am still gonna be killing it on the bike everyday. We are getting a 2016 White Sienna mini van. I am about to be the Hottest soccer mom this part of Houston has ever seen! Gonna bump some Mo Tab in the mini van! 

I hit 7 months this week! It's so crazy how fast time is going by here in the mission! 
Love being a missionary!
I love you all 
Elder McKeon

PS - Everyone wish my baby sister Gracie a Happy 16th Birthday tomorrow for me!!! 

killing the white shirt and tie with a hat hahaha!
  Our complex built a dog park so i thought I'd take a picture 
SHOUT OUT TO THE MCKEON FAMILY!!! If any of you know my family, you will know how big a deal this place is in my family! The Prince of Whales has lost his hat...

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