Monday, May 1, 2017

Week 31

What is up My people!!!! Elder McKeon here!!! 

How is everyone?? This week was full of crazy events!

Monday I got my new companion and we are having a lot of fun together. His name is Elder Hall and he is from Ogden Utah. He has been out 6 weeks longer than I have so speaking Spanish is a lot of fun because we are both still pretty young. We just help each other out a lot! Plus we have played basketball ,as a district every other morning!! Excellent! 

Tuesday was a good day! We received the van and man oh man is she nice! Her name is Leydi (pronounced like lady) Splenda! She's all white and sweet like sugar, but she is sleek so she's like Splenda. :)

Wednesday we had service and that was way fun. After we provided service, just some regular missionary work.

Thursday nothing too exciting, just weekly planning and some good old fashioned missionary work.

Friday was just a another beautiful day of missionary work! 
We saw Rodrigo twice this week. He came with us to a baptism this week. He just won't accept a date for baptism and I just want him to so bad!  Praying he will accept a date. He and his gf broke up for a little bit and we think that is the problem. They got back together and so we are praying that that helps him come back. We haven't seen Yenifer in like 2 weeks cuz they were on the outs, but he told us at the baptism that they worked things out. He told us he has been praying for help with working things out and the Lord answered his prayers so that's exciting!  Rodrigo also told us while they were on the outs Yenifer was still reading the Book of Mormon. All positive things!

Saturday, well, Saturday was crazy! We are teaching piano lessons to the youth in the branch. That was a fun time! Elder Hall plays the piano so he leads the class and I help where I can (which isn't much) 
We got a call from the other Elders saying that they needed our help. They couldn't enter into a house to teach because the member they had going with them canceled. As missionaries we can not enter without a 3rd male there to teach a single sister. The lady had prepared this huge meal for them, so of course we went! Glad they needed us to come and help them so happily went and did that. 

We were at a baptism and the sisters asked to borrow our car.  We asked them to take our bikes off the bike rack before they left and well, they didn't do it!!!! So we stole (borrowed) their bikes to go to our appointment. We had to guess Hermana Sanders bike lock code. We figured it out!  
Me on a chick bike! hahaha! That was a good time, very funny!

Sunday I got to give a talk in church. The ward said I did a really good job!!! Saturday night we got a call at like 9pm asking if we could teach a class tomorrow in church. We had to prepare in like 2 minutes at church. Lucky that the class subject was about missionary work, so it was super easy for us!

Love being a missionary! 2 weeks mama - Skype time! 

Love you all 
Elder McKeon

Elder Hall, me and the District
On the Bike! Skills! :)
I finally made that cake from my bday. 
my cake I am very proud of that!

Alma 43:47 And again, the Lord has said that: Ye shall defend your families even unto bloodshed. Therefore for this cause were the Nephites contending with the Lamanites, to defend themselves, and their families, and their lands, their country, and their rights, and their religion.
planner covers since Mother's day and all of my siblings bdays happen this transfer 

Be Happy sign over the door! Thanks Mom!

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