Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Week 34

WHAT IS UP MY PEOPLE!!!!!! Elder McKeon here again!!!!
Crazy fun week this week!

Monday we had 20 Elders at the church playing ball in a huge 3 on 3 tourney! You best believe my team won it all! That was so much fun! The one thing about our mission is like 80 percent of the elders are athletes so these games are intense.

Then we found 2 kittens this week... yes, that is right! 2 -6 week old kittens. One of them we found in the street and we named her Mcall. Combo of Hall and McKeon! We gave her to a guy we knew and he brought her to a rescue so she is all safe! Then this morning we walk out our door and baby kitten #2 is just sitting there crying because she was cold from the rain. We bundled her up in a hand towel and put her on the porch hoping her mom comes and picks her up. If not we'll take her to our guy too! You could call Elder Hall and I - Rescue Heroes! 

Still loving the bike!  We probably ride like 8 to 10 miles each day, depends on the day.

Crazy...we have 78 missionaries leaving in these next 3 transfers and it is all our leadership.
So we'll see what transfers will look like in 10 days. So we have to focus and work hard! In interviews, President was like 'you've been here a long time haven't you? and I was like ya, 7 months' and he said 'well who knows if you're leaving or staying.' 

We also found a new investigator this week and she is awesome. Her name is Evelyn. Crazy story with her though. We set up a bunch of appointments with her and she would always say "come now" and then nothing. Elder Hall and I just felt like we needed to keep going back there and teach her. So we finally had a lesson with her and man is she awesome! She has family in Guatemala that are members  and she has always wanted to find out more about the church. At the end of the lesson she told us how next time she wants her 3 sons and husband to hear the message. We are pretty excited about that! 

Crazy that a year ago I was getting ready to graduate and now I have been serving a mission for 8 months! 

So it was a super great week! 

Good week here in the mission!
Love you all!
Your homeboy
Elder McKeon
why I hate Houston...
That's 5:57am! 81% humidity too!
why I love Houston...hahaha
Elder Hall at piano classes - love it!
Elder Hall is a great Comp! Needed my back cracked!
Played Volleyball with the Youth on Wednesday
Kitten #2
pictures of McCall we put her in Elder Hall's backpack 

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