Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Week 37

What up what up Party people!

Well first week in the Sunny side and let me tell you I love it! It is super super barrio but so great! 

The area is very hard because there are not many Hispanics that live in the area. So at times it is hard to find people to teach but we have a lot of cool people set up to teach this week. The members are super strong, so we see a lot of members. The Bishop of the ward is awesome! Super funny guy! I am excited to here! 

We live outside of our Zone. We have to drive our car to the bus station and then take the bus to our area. Then we ride our bikes! They don't really have apartments in our area for us to live in. 

We live 40 miles round trip away from the Stake Center also. That's where our zone does P-day activities so it is rare if we get out there. We are playing clue the board game this afternoon.  The Sisters live right across the hall and then Elder Thompson and his companion live right down the hall. Yes, THE Elder Thompson, my trainer.

Riding my bike through the streets of Sunny Side is great cuz everyone just looks at us like why are these 2 kids here. I played street ball with a bunch of little kids so that was super fun. It's going to be a challenge to work this area. I'm up for it!! 

Nothing else new to update you all this week. So sorry it is another short email. I will have more next week to share with you all! 

I love you all!!!
Elder McKeon

super awesome having sister missionaries live across the hall from you!

a little fathers day shout out 

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