Monday, June 26, 2017

Week 39

Hey Everybody! It's ya boy Elder McKeon here!

 Another crazy week in Sunny Side! This last week was extremely busy but not busy with things progressing the work. 

Tuesday, I had a doctors appointment down in Sugar Land and that took all afternoon and then we had to go straight to the church and do our English class. My health is good! Thankful that I feel good! 

On Wednesday, we had Zone conference and that was amazing. President is the man! We discussed The Book of Mormon and repentance. It was very inspiring! I need it right now! The area is really rough. The other companionships have a lot more Spanish people in their area. We have to find and hunt and go insane trying to find people. It's hard to find cuz every persdon has gates with bolt locks on it so you can't just walk up and knock the doors. President gave us permission to teach English speakers and so we can speak to and teach everyone we find! That was a bright spot for me! I'll talk to everybody! My companion doesn't feel the same as me, so we are having a moment, but we'll work it out with the help of our Heavenly Father! 
The only bad part of that day was that it took us 2 hours to get home from conference due to construction so we again had to go straight to our English class and get that ready. So there goes our day - straight to Heaven, right!

Then on Thursday we had a bike emergency!!! Elder Simpson forgot to secure his bike on the bike rack Thursday morning!! Getting off the freeway, going 65 mph, I look in the rear view mirror and just see his bike go flying off the bike rack and bouncing every where. It just gets shot into the field next to the freeway. Maybe one of the funniest things I have ever seen!!!! hahahaha! We were at the bike shop forever. 

So that was our week just a bunch of craziness. The highlight of the week was we were at a members house for dinner (yes, dinner!!!! They are feeding us sometimes) and while I was praying her little girl (who is the cutest little girl ever) goes "Guys wake up! It's time to eat!" It was the best thing! Love little kids!! 

The church is true!!

I love you all!
Have a great week!
Elder McKeon
My Zone singing!

Zone Conference- I'm on the right 2nd one in on the top! 

Some cool pictures of the Texas sky! Love clouds hahaha!
I went all Iron Chef America for lunch one day haha! Chili bowl!

goofy pics from Zone conference -Elder Lozano
-Elder Brumm

Elder Simpson's tire
I got these sweet transformer stickers so it's on the back of my name tag! Optimus Prime! 

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