Monday, June 26, 2017

Week 38

Hey Everybody!

Another week here in the Sunny Side! Man is this place interesting! All the time we just randomly see these people on horses. They are just going down the main street and flowing with traffic. It's pretty awesome. 
This week we found 2 new investigators named Jorge and Blanca and they are friends of one of our members. They are super awesome! It is very tough her to fins Spanish families. The city os only 2% Spanish. 
We had a very fun Ward activity for Father's day. So that was very good to go and meet the new ward members. There is only one Spanish Ward for the entire Stake. Our ward boundaries are the entire Stake, like at home.  So all the members are spread out very far but they are strong members. Oh, we also teach English classes to people that want to learn. Last week we taught about getting a haircut. That's what the lesson was on. Crazy right! We all had to bring in a picture of us with our different hair. When I showed my hair before the mission all the students were like that's not you. It was super funny! They loved the beard! 
I talked about my future a little bit with my mission president. I talked about my Patriarchal blessing cuz there were words I didn't understand and he helped me study it.  I did an entire week of Personal study on blessings. I have been praying and am so thankful that the Lord hears our prayers. We need to give the effort and he will always help us! 
Have a good week!
I love you all
Elder McKeon

First day of church in the Manvel ward because we had Stake Conference last week
When you run out of clean knives, you use a large knife to spread butter!

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